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As a PPCer, you would have pre-decided on some negative keywords that you would want to assign to your campaign. Part of such irrelevant terms are the ‘curse words’ or swear words. Marketers do not want to in any way show their ads for such words. But are all search terms with the cuss words really irrelevant? Users now generally enter into a dialogue or a conversation with the search engine platform. As a result of which the queries replicate the language they use in their everyday life. It might startle many that some search queries with the curse words might just be the queries that you would want to convert.

With voice search now being offered as an option, mobile users or even desktop./ laptop users have the tendency to talk with the search box instead of entering some random words. And using curse words out of frustration and anger can reflect in those queries. It is not necessary that such queries are abusive in nature, it is a mere expression that gets emulated. It further implies that those phrases will start showing in the search queries. Such queries might be relevant. But if you have added the broader swear words, you block that legitimate traffic too.

Search queries such as ‘Where the f*** can I find a good hotel in NY‘ or ‘How the **** can I fix my car’ etc. are admissible queries. If you have your hotel chain in NY, you might want to solve the problem of a frustrated user by displaying your ad instantaneously. That’s a great way to tap your audience, especially at times when they are curious or simply furious.

Here’s an example of what users are searching for

Curse Words Google Search


It might make sense to research such keyword trends and add them as phrase match type so that you don’t end up showing for other queries that are hurtful in nature. You might get more insight from Search Console or Google Analytics to find such relevant terms.

So, though earlier it might have sounded wise to add swear words as negative keywords, with the changing online sphere and user experience it is viable to take such smarter steps.


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