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Amazon Ads is an incredibly successful advertising platform. With such a large number of advertisers opting for it, steps must be taken to improve Amazon campaigns. Adding Negative Keywords is one of these unavoidable actions.

(This post is in context with both Sponsored Product & Sponsored Brand ads)

What are Negative Keywords in Amazon Ads

When users’ search for “Thermocol Plates” showed the ads for “Plastic Plates” or “Paper Plates“, advertisers know that they need some help with their Negative Keywords.

Negative keywords on Amazon act similarly to negative keywords in Google Ads or Bing Ads. These keywords help you increase your campaign’s efficiency by narrowing your targeting to a more relevant audience. So, basically, you’re preventing keywords from bringing irrelevant traffic to your website.

This is an essential step in your campaign because it aids in achieving the following:

  • Relevant clicks improve ad performance
  • Increases the likelihood of a higher ROI.
  • Reduces the expense of unnecessary clicks.
  • Allocating funds to appropriate searches to prevent the wastage of your budget
  • Aids in the reduction of AcoS.

In Amazon Ads, only Sponsored Product campaigns had the possibility of adding negative keywords. However, Amazon provided the possibility to include negative keywords in Sponsored Brand campaigns in the year 2019. 

Amazon Ads Negative Keywords Match Types

A negative keyword match type helps in preventing the ad from appearing for search terms that match it.. The available negative keywords match types with Amazon’s Sponsored Product Ads are:

  • Negative Phrase Match
  • Negative Exact Match

Note: Amazon has a limit of 4 words for a negative phrase match and 10 words for a negative exact match.

Negative Phrase Match

This match type prevents ads from appearing for search phrases that are in the same order or a close version of it including plurals and slight misspellings.

For Example: “carry bag”

Phrase Match negative keyword match type in Amazon

Negative Exact Match

Search queries that exactly match the targeted keyword or a close version of it, including plurals, are known as negative exact matches.

For Example: [carry bag]

Negative exact match type in Amazon

You can add negative keywords both at the campaign level and ad group level. The campaign level negative keywords apply to all ad groups in the campaign, whereas ad group level negative keywords apply to all ads in that specific ad group. So, you can add common terms to campaign negative keywords and specific terms to ad group negative keywords.

Wrapping it up

Negative keywords & their match types have long been available in Sponsored Product Ads, but now, they have extended to Sponsored Brands as well.

Finding negative keywords manually takes a lot of our precious time. Keeping this in mind, Karooya has built the Negative Keywords Tool for Amazon Ads which supports both Sponsored Products & Sponsored Brands ads.

Our tool provides Campaign and Ad Group level negative keyword suggestions. It saves time and reduces your advertising cost on Amazon Ads.

Note: Karooya’s negative keywords tool for Amazon Ads is a powerful tool that saves your ad budget and time. It is Free for accounts with a monthly spend of less than $3000Learn more and sign up today to improve your ACoS.

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