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We launched the Negative Keywords Tool for Amazon Ads roughly 2 years back. Now, with negative keywords available for Sponsored Brand campaigns, we have updated our tool with the same.


What has changed?

In Amazon Ads, the option to add negative keywords was only available with Sponsored Product campaigns. However, earlier last year, Amazon had announced the option to add negative keywords in Sponsored Brand campaigns as well.

Though they let advertisers add negative keywords to their campaigns but Amazon didn’t give them access to the search term reports. Because of this, there was no way advertisers could get insight into what search queries were triggering their Sponsored Brand ads. However, in November the last year, they made search terms report available for Sponsored Brand campaigns.



Amazon Negative Keywords Tool Updated

In lieu of this announcement, we updated our Negative Keywords Tool to now give negative keyword recommendations for Sponsored Brand Campaigns as well.


adding negative keywords amazon ads

You can review and add negative keywords directly from our dashboard  and save time and money spent on irrelevant terms.


To know more about how to use our Negative Keywords dashboard click here. Get started and save on wasted ad spend.


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