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Negative keywords play a pivotal role in saving unwanted paid search spend. We have the perfect tool for that!

Our Negative Keywords Tool has been helping clients save on their ad spend. It also helps save time spent in manually finding the terms eating away a major chunk of your budget. It gives recommendations based on thorough research done on your account and suggests terms that are

  • poor performers (have not successfully generated sales or conversions)
  • have a high ACoS compared to the average of the campaign


If you haven’t yet signed up for the tool, then click here.


Here are the steps to access our Negative Keywords dashboard.


Step 1: Log in to Karooya’s Negative Keywords Dashboard


Step 2: Select the campaign to which you wish to add the negative keywords

select campaign negative keywords karooya


Step 3: You will see negative keyword recommendations under the various tabs such as “Must Add Negatives”, Multi-Word Negatives, Recommended Negatives, etc.


Step 4: Select the green tick sign to select a term that you want to add as a negative keyword. With just one-click, the negative keyword will be added. Select the cross sign, if you wish to ignore the negative keyword and the edit sign to make changes to the search term or its match type

adding negative keywords amazon ads


Step 5: You can undo the changes immediately if you want to reconsider the update made


undo negative keyword changes made




Here are some of the key tabs and what they have to offer:


Must Add Negatives – It displays a list of recommended terms that haven’t been performing well for the business, as they aren’t driving valuable conversions. These are highly suggested to be added in your campaign as they have significantly used the ad spend allocated for your paid search campaign. Terms with less than 5 conversions have been listed here.

Note: The terms suggested in other tabs, may have had some or none or are high on ACoS. So you have to closely observe the terms from the other tabs, and cautiously add them


Recommended Negatives – This is a recommended list of search terms, which you are not currently bidding on. These are non-performing terms that you can accept and add as negative keywords.


Multi-word Negatives – These are themes identified from your search terms that are performing poorly when compared with the other search terms from your campaign.


Compare Performance This is an effective way to optimize your paid search performance. You can access historical account data that helps you draw significant comparisons amongst them.


Once again, click here to sign up for our Negative Keywords Tool


Note: Karooya’s negative keywords tool for Amazon Ads is a powerful tool that saves your ad budget and time. It is Free for accounts with a monthly spend of less than $3000Learn more and sign up today to improve your ACoS. 


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