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Amazon is a platform where we are flooded with product choices and their variations. Advertisers have to find a way for their products to stand out to win the sale. So what is the way? Let’s find out.

What is Product Variation

If you are selling multiple products that can be seen by your customers as variations of each other, Amazon lets you create a single (grouped) listing for the same. This way you can show all the variations to your audience on a single product detail page. For example, if you are selling Polo T-Shirts for kids in three different colors red, green, and yellow; you can create a single grouped listing for all three variations by naming it Polo shirts for kids.

Depending on products, you can create variations based on different themes such as size, color, smell, flavor, etc. Creating a listing with product variations will give customers an amazing shopping experience.

Why Product Variation is Needed

For any customer, Amazon is like an ocean when it comes to search for a product. Like a good salesperson, once you grab customers attention and understand what they are looking for, you would want to show all the relevant products available in your store.

Amazon product variations help buyers to see different variations of the same product on the same page. In this way, it becomes easier for customers to see all your offerings under one roof and compare. The improved shopping experience can increase the chances of converting a visitor into your precious customer.

Amazon Product Variation

Promote Grouped Listing Using Amazon PPC

When you create product variations in Amazon you have one ASIN, that can be considered as a parent ASIN (the ASIN for the grouped listing). And then, you will have multiple child ASINs (one ASIN for each of the product variations).

While creating an Ad Campaign, you can only create an ad for a child ASIN. When this ad appears on Amazon, it will display images and details of the selected ASIN. Once customers click on the Ad, they will reach to the product page of the Grouped listing and have that particular variation selected.

Important thing to note here is that, as the customer is on the page for grouped listing, they will most likely notice and check details of the other variations as well. And this will increase the chances of getting more conversions (sell). More sales will assist you with more customer reviews and eventually your market presence will enhance.

Few things we can remember while promoting grouped listing:

  • At the begining, you can create ads for each of the child ASINs. To monitor the performance and to ragulate the traffic, you can put these child ASINs into separate ad groups. For example, you can put Red shirts in one ad group and Yellow in another. You can then add ‘Yellow’ as a negative keyword in the first ad group and ‘Red’ in another.
  • Once you monitor the performance of these ad groups for a while, pause the poorly performing ad groups.
  • If you have enough data, you can run ads only for the most popular variation
  • If you add a new variation in future, don’t forget to create a new ad group for the same and check if it is performing better.

Wrapping It Up

Product variations in Amazon listing can help you to be successful in your business. Chosing your themes strategically and organizing the variations in a right manner can help gathering customers attention and it will also keep them away from your competitors. Product variations will help you to boost visibility, conversion and sales. So are you ready to add variations to your Amazon listing?

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