Weekly PPC News – Right Side Ads Removed From Google SERP

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With Google removing the right side ads from desktop search results, the PPC domain has been flooded with opinions and views about how this will effect PPCers. This Week’s PPC News update covers that aspect, as well as remedies to tackle some of the hurdles attached with it. Other than that learn about the new… Read more »

How To Find Right Device Bid Modifiers in Bing?

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Now that you have created your campaign, scrutinized your keywords and are through with A/B testing of your ad copy, you might be interested in knowing how your campaigns are performing. Bing Ads lets marketers customize their reports to determine what’s working and what’s not. When you are creating your customized reports you might have a couple… Read more »

How To Do Bulk IP Exclusion in Bing Ads?

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In Bing, campaign exclusions lets you restrict your ads from showing for specified locations, websites (website exclusion), IP addresses (IP exclusion) and keyword exclusion (negative keywords). The reason why you would want to opt for such exclusions is because either it is not your target audience or are unrelated with your business. However, there are certain… Read more »