Why You Should Use Single Ad Keywords per Ad Group (SKAG)?

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Keywords are the most important component of a PPC campaign. Through proper keyword mapping with your ad and your landing page content you can achieve the desired campaign objectives. Knowing so, you might have often clubbed similar keyword sets under one ad group hoping it would serve the purpose. It does, but not all keywords exactly match… Read more »

Weekly PPC News – Free AdWords Script to Analyze Quality Score

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Get AdWords Script to break down the QS attributes for each keyword, manage shopping ads, finding duplicate products and more. Download the new AdWords API, updated with new changes, make your DSA campaign quicker by using the newly launched ‘Recommended Bids’, get insight on how the removal of right ads have impacted the PPC space.

Using Bing’s Share Of Voice Report To Recover Lost Impressions

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Witnessing a slump in your PPC campaigns and unable to ascertain what is leading to that? You can take help from Bing’s customized reports that helps you get insight into where your impressions are losing out on and what steps you can take actions to control further loss. This information is shared by the ‘Share… Read more »

Google SideBar Ads Removed From Paid Search Listings

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While Google made the announcement of removing right side rail ads, David Szetela spoke with Matthew Umbro, Senior Account Manager at Hanapin Marketing and the Founder of PPCChat, on how this change will impact the PPC advertising world and how advertisers will need to rebuild their bidding strategy to stay at the top-of-the-game. You can… Read more »