Expanded Text Ads – One Difference Between Bing Ads and AdWords

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Bing recently announced the pilot access for expanded text ads, much to support the recent developments made by Google with the launch of the expanded text ads format. So, what are Expanded Text Ads? It is the new and improved ad format with increased character limits that can help advertisers optimally communicate their message with more real… Read more »

[Product Update] Moving from “Converted Clicks” to “Conversions”

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“Converted Clicks” and “Conversions” are two major conversion tracking metrics available in Google AdWords.  These conversion metrics drive almost all of the actions by advertisers.  Here’s a simple example to illustrate the difference between these two metrics.   Consider, you are running an online store.  Think of scenario where a user clicks on your ad and… Read more »

Google’s Click and CPC Growth Timeline Chart

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Here’s Google’s QoQ timeline chart that shows how the paid click and CPC has evolved over the select eight quarters (Q3, 2014 to Q2, 2016) plotted against the major announcements made during the period. Data pulled out from Google’s quarter results   Q2 2016 Of the developments made, one of the significant ones was the change in the ad label color… Read more »