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“Converted Clicks” and “Conversions” are two major conversion tracking metrics available in Google Ads.  These conversion metrics drive almost all of the actions by advertisers.  Here’s a simple example to illustrate the difference between these two metrics.

Consider, you are running an online store.  Think of a scenario where a user clicks on your ad and makes a purchase today. This user returns on the next day, with a direct visit, to order another product from you.  The “Converted Click” metric will count this as 1 conversion as it was one single click on the ad that resulted in the conversion.  The “Conversion” metric records two separate conversions.


At the most fundamental level, that’s the difference between these two metrics. If you would like to read the differences in details, please read this article from Google AdWords help.


To generate negative keywords recommendations, we use “Converted Click” metric. We think, this is a conservative metric to suggest negative keywords.



On 25th July, Google announced that the conversion metric “Converted Click” is being removed from September. You may have already seen the notification from Google about the same. Google recently updated its APIs and libraries to make the change effective.  In a few days, Google will stop sending this data with APIs and, the Google Ads UI & Google Ads Editor will no longer show this column.


To be compliant with this new change, we are migrating negative keywords recommendations by Karooya from “Converted Clicks” to “Conversions.” We are in the process of updating our tool to this new metric. The new change will be effective very soon.


Google has provided a guide on the migration to “Conversions” as your conversion metric. We request you to migrate your Google Ads accounts to the new metric to ensure that the negative keywords recommendations are accurate.


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