[Transcript] Google Adwords – Expanded Text Ads

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Expanded Text Ads, the much hyped announcement made earlier this year during the Google Performance Summit was made officially available by July 2016. To help users make optimal use of ETAs, Christine Machado, Global Products Specialist ETA and Scott Lambert, Product Manager on Expanded Text Ads discuss about the best practices ,benefits of Expanded Text Ads vis-a-vis Standard… Read more »

Analyze Search Terms To Optimize AdWords Performance

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Search Terms is a gateway to understand what your customer is actually searching for. You might have bidded for keywords basis your business offering. But whether those keywords are the terms actually searched for can be identified by analyzing your search terms.

Weekly PPC News – AdWords Expanded Text Ads deadline extended, Structured Snippet Extensions in Bing Ads and more

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This Week’s PPC news roundup collates the various updates and announcements made by AdWords and Bing Ads. From the launch of Structured Snippet extensions by Bing Ads to Google extending the deadline of transitioning to Expanded Text Ads, along with some advisory posts on audience targeting, important PPC updates made in the last year, using AdWords… Read more »