Old vs New Exact Match Type Keyword – What Will Change?

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2 years after the opt-in option for close variants in Exact Match and Phrase Match keywords was updated, a recent announcement intends to open Exact Match keywords to more search queries. This new change includes rewording and reordering of your exact match keywords, making exact match less restrictive.     Many PPC experts have shown their disapproval across the social media… Read more »

Landing Page Quality Score Checker

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Improving Quality Score can be a tedious task if you are not sure of what to improve and how. As known, the major contributors to determine the QS are CTR, landing page experience and ad relevance. Each of these help give you an edge over your competitors. As higher quality score ensures: Improved keyword targeting… Read more »

Expanded Text Ads Excel Template

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Standard Ads is a thing of the past now. Expanded Text Ads is the new ad format that offers more real estate to advertisers. The transition phase is over and to initiate your ETA led campaign you might want to come up with the right messaging.   So what do you  need to ensure you… Read more »