Roundup Of PPC Holiday Strategies

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Holiday season requires pre-planning. How a PPC campaign operates during normal days might not be the same during festive time. As customer purchase is on a rise, PPCers must build the campaigns to meet customer expectation and make full use of the peak time.

Top AdWords Scripts From 2017

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We recap some of the helpful AdWords scripts released this year, that could help in automating some of the key tasks in your AdWords account.

Top PPC Posts – November 2017

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Missed out on top PPC posts published in the month of November? Here’s a quick recap of what was trending. Learn about LinkedIn Audience Insights, scale your paid advertising strategies for the holiday season, AdWords launches innovative features for the holiday peak timeĀ  and more news covered in this month’s recap of Top PPC News.

Creating Target CPA Experiment in AdWords

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Taking the decision to try out an alternate bidding strategy might be a difficult step to take, especially when the certainty of consistency in performance is not known. In such a case, it is a better option to first test how the change will impact the overall performance. AdWords Drafts & Experiments helps advertisers test… Read more »