How to Set Up Target CPA Smart Bidding For Your AdWords Campaign?

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Target CPA bidding strategy lets you set your bid to drive more conversions from your campaign. Based on historical data of your conversions, AdWords determines through its algorithm which click is a prospect and which not. Accordingly the bids are tweaked to show your ad for instances with higher probability to convert.

How To View Your Keyword’s Close Variants in AdWords?

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In 2014, Google removed the option to opt-in/ out of close variants for exact and phrase match keywords. A recent announcement allowed Exact match keywords to trigger ads for relevant reordering and rewording of your keyword. These changes made exact and phrase match types less restrictive than earlier. However, it also in a way opened the window… Read more »

AdWords Script To Track Performance of AdWords Experiments

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AdWords Experiments lets you configure and test changes that can be later applied to your original campaign. For a large account with multiple experiments, keeping a track of all experiments and their performance might be a tedious task. We have created a script to consolidate and track the performance of your experiments in your account.