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The new year has begun, and so have discussions around the PPC space on how to make 2017 an even more successful year. So, start building revised PPC strategies and adopt the tips shared in this week’s roundup.

Here are the top posts from last week.


1. The Continued Demotion Of Keywords In Search

Julie F Bacchini discusses how demotion of keywords is a fact made evident by the changes made by Google on it s AdWords platform.


2. A new guide to testing and experimentation in AdWords

The beginning of year 2017 saw a new guide published by Google intended to help understand if any proposed changes in your account will help you achieve your performance goals


3. 2016 in review: Insights for search marketers from Bing Ads

Christi Olson give a preview of what marketers should look forward in Bing Ads in the year 2017 and the noteworthy updates made by them in the last year.

bing ads release timeline


4. The Importance of Audiences In PPC

Melissa Mackey shares how PPCers foresee audience to be an essential component of year 2017. Here is looking into why it is important and why advertisers must give a serious thought to it.


5. How to Reevaluate Your PPC Goals for 2017

Have you set up your PPC goals for this year? Here is why you should think about reevaluating your goals and when you should think about changing them. Nadine Janker elaborates in this post.


6. Strategies You Need To Try in 2017, According to 13 Digital Marketing Experts

Digital Marketers shares their opinion on the digital marketing strategy that advertisers must adopt in the year 2017. Here is looking at what Larry Kim, Rand Fishkin and other PPC experts have to say.


7. Standard Text Ad and GDN Text Ads Deprecation Starts in January

Tara Johnson elaborates on the Expanded Text Ads and how Standard Ads will finally be shown the doors. She discusses about ETA in detail, ETA’s performance results and Best Practices to adopt.


8. Guide to Expanded Text Ads: Tips on how to work with ETAs

Here is a guide to help you make the most out of Expanded Text Ads in 2017. With deadline nearing, advertisers might want to speed up the process of migration. Sasa Kovacevic discusses in this post.


9. What every PPC professional should do to prepare for 2017

In the webinar session, PPC expert Matthew Umbro, JD Prater  and Mike McEuen discussed about how advertises should prepare for 2017 and share actionable tips to help stay ahead. Hannah Lennett sums it up in this post.


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