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Learn about the new budget suggestion in Bing Ads, setting up Facebook’s Dynamic Product Ads, using text messages to generate more leads, managing your accounts with multiple locations and more in this week’s PPC news recap


1. Making it easier to adjust your budgets based on conversions

Bing Ads have incorporated new budget suggestions that helps advertisers determine how different budget values will impact conversion value.

budget suggestion bing ads


2. How to effectively segment accounts with multiple locations

Matt Umbro discusses how to set up your account for multiple locations to easily review the location based performance.


3. Relevance and Quality Policy Update

With the implementation of updated Quality Policy from August, advertisers can start witnessing a positive user experience with improved ad and network quality.


4. Google to Soon Update Showcase Shopping Ads Pricing Model

Advertisers using Showcase Ads are receiving updates about how Google will update the way they charge them for these interactions. Andy Taylor shares the details.

showcase ad update


5. 4 AdWords Scripts to Improve PPC Management

Tim Jensen shares that four AdWords scripts that can help improve managing your PPC account and can be simply implemented in your account.


6. 27 Facebook Relevance Score Hacks For Great Results

Learn about Facebook relevance score, why it matters and how to ensure that you end up scoring high on the total measurable scale. Johnathan Dane discusses in this post.


7. This script creates Google Slides with AdWords data to automate your presentation-making

Frederick Vallaeys helps understand how the recent addition of Google Slides API to AdWords scripts can be used to append AdWords data to your presentation. Learn more about how to use this functionality.



Want to set up Facebook’s Dynamic Product Ads? Here are the 10 steps to get this ad unit set up and running quickly.

facebook pixel product ad


9. Using Text Messages To Generate More Leads For Your Business

Learn about how text message can act as a major contributor to generate leads for your business and how offline and paid platforms are exploring this medium to strike a conversation with the audience.


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