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A major announcement by Google was made this week, wherein the role of close variants will be expanded for exact match keywords. How this will impact the PPC space will be witnessed when the change is released, however opinions are pouring in. This and more covered in this week’s PPC news recap.


1. Close variants now connects more people with what they’re looking for

A recent announcement made by AdWords that will change how your exact match keywords will trigger an ad. In a few months you can expect close variant to include rewording and reordering of exact match type keywords.

close variant exact match


2. Trademark enforcement changes coming March 27, 2017

Bing Ads will soon impose restriction on using trademarks as keywords, however the use of trademarks in ad copy will remain untouched.


3. Here’s a script to help manage bids by keyword match type.

Frederick Vallaeys shares a script that will help advertisers check if the bids are tiered appropriately as per the keyword match type.


4. Customer Journey Testing: How to Test Ads & Landing Pages Together

A brief look at how to set up testing of your ads and landing pages in 3 ways. Brad Geddes discusses the testing metrics to put to use .


5. Chatbots and Social Media: New Research

Here is a new research on how customers react to chatbots, the concerns that social media marketers must attend to to safeguard user information.


chatbots challenges


6. See what your competitors are planning in digital this year

Have a look at what your peers are gearing up for this year and draw comparisons with the digital roadmap you have created to identify focus areas.


7. PPC Audiences: Who Is The Audience?

Melissa Mackey helps determine and structure the process for identifying who your audience is that you would wish to target for a successful marketing campaign.


8. 10 AdWords ad copy testing ideas you can use right now

Getting stuck with how to get started with your ad copy? Jason Puckett shares the best practices for ad copy creation and 10 ideas on the elements to put to test.

ad copy testing idea


9. GDN to include Location Extensions

Here is the announcement of how Google Display Network shall now incorporate additional information such as the store location, business hours etc.


10. 5 Google AdWords Features You Should Be Using In 2017

Jen Carpenter share the AdWords features that can help meet your business objectives and which are the trend of the season.


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