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Recap of last week’s PPC news. Explore about responsive ads, Bing Ads new remarketing feature  and account summary reporting, script to identify broken links in Facebook and more.

All the above and more is this week’s PPC news:


1. New reporting features available in Bing Ads Accounts Summary

Bing Ads account summary page has been updated to answer questions about quality score, device performance and more for all your active accounts. Details in this post


2. GDN Kills Off Text Ad Creation – Say Hello To Responsive Ads

Julie F Bacchini reviews Responsive Ads, does a thorough scrutiny of its usability and share her views about it in her latest post.


3. Google Adwords IF Functions For Ads

Here is more about the new AdWords IF function for customizing your ads, how to implement them and key things to remember while getting started with it. Dan Roberts discusses in this post.

.adwords if function


4. Here’s how Google’s own ads impact bids & pricing in AdWords auctions

Interesting to know how Google competes for ads about itself and its sister companies. Ginny Marvin explores how the auction takes place and how it impacts the advertiser’s CPC.


5. Get The Most Value From Facebook Interest Targeting

Learn about Facebook interest targeting and how to use it to make your ads more effective, how Facebook determines user’s interests and brainstorming on the right targeting options.


6. Facebook & Bing Ads Link Checker Script

Ahmed Ali shares a script to discover broken links in Facebook and Bing Ads akin to how Google monitors broken URLs and get notified about it.


7. Power up remarketing with exclusions, new from Bing Ads

Bing Ads released a new feature in remarketing – exclusions. With exclusions marketers can help drive your focus towards valuable customers and excluding the ones who don’t fit in your marketing objectives. Learn more.

bing ads exclusion


8. Sponsored Messages Are The New Push Notification

So what is wrong with Sponsored Messaging, where marketers pay for a direct message to the user. What should you do about it and how to be less pushy, views discussed in this post.


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