Weekly PPC News – Introducing ads on Google Play Music

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  Master in your GSP campaigns, double your CTR with AB testing of ad copy, use long tail keywords for profitable results and explore ads in the new version of Google Play Music. Here are the links to these articles and more: P.S. : Have you updated to Upgraded URL’s yet? If not, then there’s an… Read more »

Unlock More Volume with Broad Match in Bing

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Broad Match led campaigns fair well than its counterpart Broad Match Modifier, debates Jon Mette. He shares data that reveals how Broad match brings 85% more conversions than Broad Match Modifier. Reason? He explains it with another set of data. 59% impressions and 44% conversions were lost when Broad Match Modifier was opted. Not a number you would want… Read more »

Weekly PPC News – Update Your Account To Upgraded URL’s By July 1st

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This week’s edition of PPC news consolidates articles pertaining to upgraded URL migration guide, split testing PPC ads, using Shopping Campaigns optimally, guide to use Google AdWords with Google Analytics and more. Get expert insights from the articles below:   1. How to use Google Shopping Campaigns most overlooked feature Pete Whitmash beats the theory that a… Read more »

How to Know Which Landing Page Is Performing Well in Adwords

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    It is always very important to know that how people are  interacting with the landing page that you are showing to them. Landing pages play a vital role in making customer aware about your services and ultimately getting them converted. Adwords does not show much about the landing page as you can only… Read more »