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Broad Match led campaigns fair well than its counterpart Broad Match Modifier, debates Jon Mette. He shares data that reveals how Broad match brings 85% more conversions than Broad Match Modifier.

Reason? He explains it with another set of data. 59% impressions and 44% conversions were lost when Broad Match Modifier was opted. Not a number you would want to sacrifice!

Broad Match contrariwise gets more impressions aka more volumes. And, blending it with best practices, like using negative keywords to block unwanted queries, results in an overwhelming response.


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Other controls offered by Bing, makes Broad Match less restrictive, giving you the power to control traffic and quality. That said, marketers ‘have the last say‘ in opting for a match type that best suits their industry and campaign objective.

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  1. Virtual server

    Great post! I am hugely disappointed with the keyword tool update as it no more shows the exact search volume. It differs with many other tools.


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