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You ad is the face of your business. When investing in paid search ads become the main source to drive traffic to your website. In order to make the most out of this channel, using the right ad copy to reach out to your audience becomes must. So, what are the things you need to keep in mind while creating your ad’s messaging?

ad copy best practices


1. Keyword Insertion

Ensuring the keyword is prominently mentioned in the ad copy would make your ad copy stand out from the competition. But too much of keyword stuffing isn’t recommended. Appropriately inserting the right keyword at the right place will increase its chances of catching customer’s eyeballs. Prefer not to have a standard ad copy for all your ad groups. Whatever your ad group is targeting (a specific keyword or objective) should reflect in your ad copy as well, so opt for different versions of your ad copy.


2. Appropriate Call-to-action

A call-to-action indicates what the user is intended to do on viewing the ad or the benefit they can expect after clicking on the ad. Action words such as Hurry, Save, Book Now or the special offering such as upto 50% OFF, etc. gives a clear hint of what the user can expect to receive on clicking the ad.

ad copy call to action


3. Using ad extensions

Ad extensions are the key to offering additional information that has otherwise been missed out in the ad copy. Also, the many ad extensions available allows you to segregate the information accordingly such as review extension to show user reviews, call extension to drive calls to your business etc. Here is an article detailing the ad extensions.



4. A/B Test 

A/b testing is a good practice to follow as it helps you shortlist the best version of your ad. The one that earns the best performance and the others can be discontinued. You can run this as part of an experiment too. Alternately if you want to find which of your ads have been performing use our free script to find that out.


5. Keywords in the Path Fields

The new ad format (Expanded Text Ads) offers 2 path fields of 15 characters each and are shown as part of the Display URL. Though they are optional, they offer optimal space to again insert the keyword. Also, just having the domain name in the URL might not be that catchy, however, using the right phrase with the path fields makes it more informed and shares details of what users can expect from the resulting landing page.

path field display url


6. Lay more emphasis on Headline 1

With the current ad format, there are 2 headlines offered with 30 character limit each. The one drawback with Headline 2 is the possibility of the message getting truncated.

This is what might happen:

expanded text ads truncation


Hence, it is recommended to put the best in your Headline 1 and the remaining information can be added in the 80 character long description.


With these quick best practices, you can move a step ahead in coming with the ad copy that not only delivers the right message but also is able to give you the results.


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