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We recently published an array of posts covering the top blog posts published throughout the year across various domains, Bing Ads, AdWords, AdWords Scripts and more. This post is a repository for all those roundup posts for easy reference.

1. How Bing Ads Stayed At Par With AdWords With These Announcements

Recap of the top major announcements and updates introduced by Bing Ads this year. Structured snippet extensions, extending support for Expanded Text Ads, introducing Period Comparison and more such interesting updates covered in this assorted list.


2. The Top AdWords Announcements That Made News This Year

AdWords took some extreme steps this year to uplift its platform for its customers. From redesigning the interface to introducing new extended ad format, here is a list of updates that were buzzing around the PPC space this year.


3. Important AdWords Scripts Released This Year

AdWords Scripts helps simplify and automate some of the key tasks that otherwise would take much of advertiser’s time. Here is an assorted list of Free AdWords Scripts shared throughout the year that help you perform essential tasks with ease.


4. Top PPCChat Discussions of 2016

The PPCChat sessions are a great source of information on varied topics discusses widely amongst PPC experts. This roundup of the top PPCChat sessions is worth taking a look and bookmarking for future reference.


5. Karooya’s Top Posts From Year 2016

Here is a look at some of the top posts published by us and viewed the most amongst our viewers.


6. Top Social PPC Announcements of 2016

Social space also stayed up the game by updating their advertising platforms to improve advertiser experience. This recap covers the top announcements made by the top social media players, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.


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