What to do when you run out of your 20 shared negative lists?

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So, what would you do? If you say that 20 lists with each having a limit of 5,000 keywords giving us a total 1,00,000 shared negative keywords, is sufficient, then what about this: Inconsolable to have hit the 20 list limit for Shared Negative KWs – any sign of @adwords lifting this any time soon? #ppcchat — Arianne Donoghue… Read more »

Importing Negative Keyword From AdWords To Bing Ads

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Unwanted keywords drive unwanted traffic that fall hard on the PPC pockets. To curb the flow of traffic via irrelevant keywords, Negative Keywords act as a savior. But using negative keywords goes with the caution of using it carefully and diligently so that in no way the prospects gets blocked. Having defined the relevance of negative… Read more »

Why You Should Use Single Ad Keywords per Ad Group?

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Keywords are the most important component of a PPC campaign. Through proper keyword mapping with your ad and your landing page content you can achieve the desired campaign objectives. Knowing so, you might have often clubbed similar keyword sets under one ad group hoping it would serve the purpose. It does, but not all keywords exactly match… Read more »