Expanded Text Ads Excel Template

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Standard Ads is a thing of the past now. Expanded Text Ads is the new ad format that offers more real estate to advertisers. The transition phase is over and to initiate your ETA led campaign you might want to come up with the right messaging.   So what do you  need to ensure you… Read more »

Top PPCChat Discussions of 2016

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Here are the top PPCchat discussions that took place this year where experts share their views and opinions on the topics of interest. Learn from these discussions and explore the opportunities as revealed in all these chats.     1. Excel And PPC How excel provides value to PPC campaign, what excel formulas experts use and… Read more »

The Top AdWords Announcements That Made News This Year

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AdWords introduced new features and improved existing ones this year. We look at some of the important announcements made in this roundup session.     Transformation of AdWords Conversion Metric   The conversion metric saw a massive change when it was announced that the ‘Converted Clicks’ will be removed and conversions will become the default… Read more »