[New Feature] Optimize Your Campaigns Even Faster With “Must Add” Negative Keywords

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Lots of campaigns. Lots of optimizations to do. And lots of pressure to improve results in ever-competitive paid search marketing effort. We plan to take at least one worry off your list. You have already used Karooya’s Negative Keywords Tool to add negative keywords to your campaigns. Today, we take it a notch higher. We… Read more »

8 Negative Keywords Best Practices

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Negative Keywords combats wasted ad spend and ensures that relevant traffic is driven to your business. To lift your ppc campaign to drive more conversions it is important to drive traffic that is reliable and that is possible through negative keywords.

AdWords Audit Template

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Auditing your AdWords account helps uncover improvement areas that can help boost up your campaign performance. But, of the many features and settings, which are those key tasks that need to be reviewed again and again? In this post we share a handy AdWords Audit Template that can help make your auditing flow smooth and… Read more »