[Transcript] Paid Search Podcast – How To Find Negative Keywords

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In the latest Paid Search Podcast session Chris Schaeffer and Jason Rothman discuss about Negative Keywords, which are those terms that are irrelevant to your business and are resulting in wasted ad spend. Their primary focus in this discussion is to help advertisers with the sources through which these negative keywords can be identified. You can listen to… Read more »

[Product Update] Moving from “Converted Clicks” to “Conversions”

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“Converted Clicks” and “Conversions” are two major conversion tracking metrics available in Google AdWords.  These conversion metrics drive almost all of the actions by advertisers.  Here’s a simple example to illustrate the difference between these two metrics.   Consider, you are running an online store.  Think of scenario where a user clicks on your ad and… Read more »

7 Common PPC Audit Tasks That You Must Know

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PPC audit is the process of analyzing your account, revisiting the general settings that were previously overlooked and syncing new features or settings to improve account performance. But what areas should you look at? With so many improvement prospects, you might get baffled between shortlisting the focus points and deciding what changes to make.   To… Read more »