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Advertisers need to build a robust keyword strategy that can help reach audiences that are difficult to reach organically. In Amazon Ads, a similar practice needs to be followed. What differs, is the manner in which the keyword list is compiled. We discuss the ways to do that in this post.

Few things to note for your keyword strategy:

1. Product attributes as keywords

Identify the key attributes of your product and use those as keywords for your paid search ads. In order for the ad to be matched with the product listing content, make sure your target keywords are referenced in the product listing.

2. Amazon Ads autocomplete

To build your keyword list, try using the autocomplete feature from Amazon’s search and include the relevant ones to your bidded keywords. Here are some examples of the related keywords for the search term ‘smartwatch’. With this step, you can expand your list with terms that users most likely search for.

amazon ads autocomplete keyword strategy

3. Avoid your ads from showing for irrelevant searches

It is a viable step to either pause or add irrelevant/ non-performing terms as negative keywords. This will allow you to concentrate your efforts on terms that are more likely to convert rather than ones that yield no good results.

4. Alter the bids as per the performing and non-performing keywords

A follow-up of the above-mentioned step is to take strategic decisions in altering your bids depending on how a certain keyword is performing at a given point in time. For instance, an advertiser sells headsets, but during the pandemic, people often search for terms such as ‘best headset for work for home’ or ‘best headset of kids’, then these are the high-demand terms that they should bid more for.

5. Add competitor brand names

If someone is searching for your competitor, then letting the user consider your brand as an option is another strategy to adopt. This can help pull the audience towards your brand and at least introduce it to them even if it doesn’t result in purchase behavior.

6. Google product search

Do a product search on google and see what comes in the results. This could help build a new keyword theme yet not tapped in the Amazon platform.

Let us know in the comments below, which keyword strategy you adopted for your Amazon Ads campaign.

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