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Corona outbreak has resulted in global unrest. As a result, businesses are taking a back step on their marketing initiatives and reducing their advertising spend.

A recent PPCChat discussion had PPCers discuss the impact of the coronavirus on businesses. Here is what some of them had to say:

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Till this global situation takes a stable ground, here are the 4 steps that you should take as a response to the disruption.


Review Operational Physical Locations

If your business operates and has physical stores in multiple locations, then you should re-look into your marketing activities there. Check how your operational locations have been impacted by the outbreak. If any location is majorly effected then it would be feasible to discontinue your marketing campaigns till the condition stabilizes. If you have relied on location bids to optimize your campaigns, you need to revisit those bid adjustments and direct it to areas where the business might not be much impacted.


Monitoring The Impact

Since the rate at which the situation is causing damage is increasing daily, you must also monitor it daily. Set up a google alert to stay up to date with latest updates around corona virus spread. The more informed you are the more you can take control of the situation.


Industries Majorly Impacted

Industries, such as travel & tourism, hospitality or businesses have been impacted the most. Businesses that rely heavily on these industries, need to pull back their marketing campaigns. Instead they should look into areas that can help scale up the business.


Block Related Terms

Advertisers must consider blocking terms like coronavirus, covid-19, for their display campaigns. This is to avoid displaying their brands next to stories around that topic. Adding those terms as negative keywords will help restrict the ads from showing.


We would like to hear from you of how this pandemic has made you take strict measures.


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