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Improving Quality Score can be a tedious task if you are not sure of what to improve and how. As known, the major contributors to determine the QS are CTR, landing page experience and ad relevance.

Each of these help give you an edge over your competitors. As higher quality score ensures the following:

  • Improved keyword targeting
  • Driving relevant traffic
  • Reducing the overall cost
  • Improved Ad Ranking
  • High Click Through Rates

So you might as well take out time to keep a close watch on your quality score.



Why is landing page experience important?

Martin Roettgerding in his post disclosed the weightage each of the QS component. CTR and landing page carried 39% weightage each, followed by ad relevance at 22%.


factors of quality score


As much an ad copy is important to entice a user to click, a landing page takes it to the next level of converting the customer. So, having a positive landing page experience assures

  • Build trust and not mislead the customers into believing your business is untrustworthy
  • A clear call to action to help the lead received from AdWords to convert into a valuable customer
  • Customer conveniently navigates your business site no matter which device is in use



How to review your landing page experience?

Our Free Audit report helps with a keyword summary with all the QS components. The “Below Average” ones are highlighted in red and would need your immediate action upon it, while you  might want to push the “Average” ones to “Above Average”


Here is a snapshot of the how the report looks like. You get to access keyword summary basis their landing page experience rating.


keyword summary qs


And a pie chart to represent it visually


pie chart qs landing page experience


Breakup of the keywords vis-a-vis their quality score score components.


keyword breakup landing page experience


So instead of spending time reviewing each keyword and quality score individually, our report helps you get the account summary in a matter of time. You can easily scan through the report to find the weaklings and act upon it.


Now that you know which keyword is not fairing well in landing page experience, what should you do now?


You might first want to evaluate if the keyword is relevant to the business and ad messaging. If the answer to that is a ‘Yes’ then you might wish to run a thorough check of your landing page and check for the following:

  • Make sure your page’s headline matches the ad’ headline and the content is contextually relevant to your ad
  • Insert your keywords in the title, meta description, heading and alt text for images. Follow the SEO best practices to have the right keyword density in your content
  • Introduce a suitable call to action to induce an action from the visitor
  • Improve your page’s load time to make the site load faster

Start auditing your account and transfer the findings to improve performance.  Get Your Free Audit Report Here to improve your landing page quality score.


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