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Merkel|RKG, search and digital marketing agency, released an informative report on Digital Marketing for Quarter 1. Make the most out of the findings shared. Some of them could be benchmarks for your future digital marketing strategies.

You can view the entire report here

Here are some of the findings from this report:

  • Google’s click growth has decreased from 12% (Q4 2014) to 0.2% . One of the reason for the deceleration was loosing its status as default search provider on Firefox browsers.
  • Google’s CPC was 34% higher than Bing’s for non-brand search programs whereas its CTR was 74% higher than Bing’s.
  • Amazon’s Product Ad traffic was 25% cheaper than Google PLAs
  • Google’s Display Network was 42% cheaper and other display network channels were 20% cheaper than Facebook’s clicks.
  • The paid search spend of Google increased to 13% as a result of CPC at 13%. However, Bing’s paid spend increased by 36% resulting from increase in clicks by 38%

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