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With mobile search witnessing an exponential growth, advertisers have started shifting their focus on conversions via mobile device. For companies who haven’t yet targeted mobile users or are still undergoing deciding where to invest their budget, can determine the website traffic device wise. If the data shows that mobile is routing credible traffic to the site you might think of pushing your ads more often on mobile devices. One of the best ways to do so is with the help of bid adjustments.

Mobile bid adjustments works two-ways, increases your chances of showing your ads or decreases your ads frequency. If your website is not optimized for mobile users, you would not be giving them an optimal experience, hence it would be wise to reduce your bid value so that your ad doesn’t show much. However, if you are a business that relies on mobile users, such as a hotel chain, who would want immediate action such as calling to make the booking, you would prefer to show your ads more often to them and hence increase your bid.

Campaign Level Bid Adjustment

Mobile bid adjustment at the campaign level can be done by following the below mentioned steps:

Step 1: Go to campaign and select the campaign you wish to modify mobile bid for

Step 2: Go to settings and Click on device

Device AdWords

Step 3: Now in the bid adjustment column click on the cell adjacent to mobile devices and enter the increased or decrease percentage

Adjust Mobile Bidding

What this does is that any ad triggered for mobile in the selected campaign, the bid will change as per the bid adjustment made. For instance if you have increased your mobile bid by 20% and an ad from your ad group with CPC $2 is served on mobile, then the resulting bid is $2.20

Ad Group Level Bid Adjustment

Similar to the above mentioned explanation of campaign level bid adjustment, marketers can make this adjustment at Ad Group, implying that only ads served from that specific ad group will see a change in the bids. To make these settings do the following:

Step 1: Go to campaign and select the ad group for which you wish to modify your mobile bid

Ad Group Bidding

Step 2: Click on settings and then on device

Step 3: Now in the bid adjustment column click on the cell adjacent to mobile devices and enter the increased or decrease percentage

Ad Group Mobile Bid Adjustment

This step affects all the ads in the selected Ad Group. For instance if you decrease the ad group bid by 50% and your CPC bid is $1.00, the ad when served from the adjusted ad group sees the bid get reduced to $0.50

Not to forget

While making mobile bid adjustments there are two things that need to be kept in mind:

  • If the bid adjustments have been made at both campaign and ad group level, then the bid adjustment made at ad group level is used to determine the final bid value.
  • Multiple bid adjustments in  campaign are multiplied with each other to determine the bid. For instance if your CPC is $2.00 and you have increased mobile bids to 20% and decreased location bids to 10%, then the final bid is $2.16

If you are looking for more details on other bid adjustment options, you can have a look at the article ‘Importance of Bid Adjustments for a Successful AdWords Campaign

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