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Hosted by Julie F Bacchini, In this week’s PPCChat session, experts discussed how advertising is getting affected because of the recent events unfolding in the US and across the world. How are they managing their clients during these critical times,  What PPC community can do to have a positive impact and more.

Q1: Have you paused any or all of your advertising in light of the protests and related events unfolding in the US and across the world? Why did you pause or not pause?

My work is in Europe, so no. @stevegibsonppc

My clients are paused, at least for today. Not sure what will happen beyond that, but they want to be sensitive to not appearing insensitive, if that makes sense? @NeptuneMoon

Yeah, UK market so no as well.  @mindswanppc

My main work is across Europe and shopping based so no pausing of campaigns and we haven’t been asked to. I’ve not done any of my usual freelance self-promotion though as it isn’t appropriate  @SarahPixelHappy

Reaching our to clients and asking if they want to pause. Most clients are paused in social now but some wanted to remain live. @markpgus

A lot of social. it’s not a good moment to appear in a feed no matter what you sell. @JuliaVyse

Same. I was supposed to be starting something new last week. Hasn’t felt right for a while. @imperialtina

While I am totally in support of the movement I am also informing clients of a few things. 1. Performance this morning looked better than usual in multiple accounts 2. CPMs will likely decrease 3. This is a lesser issue in non-NAM regions @markpgus

This Is an issue that is tied very closely to o brand. From a marketing perspective, Brands with high brand recognition have MORE to lose by remaining live than brands with low brand recognition. @markpgus

We paused a lot of our campaigns when covid ramped up so yes but no, not due to the rioting. We’ll be discussing today for the few campaigns still active. @akaEmmaLouise

Brands must consider. Short term Profit vs. Long term consequences . This is a brand by brand decision and I don’t think it’s my job to look at this for clients outside of that lense. I am here to inform. But I can’t forecast the consequences of staying live. @markpgus

We’ve had conversations with clients, and in some instances have paused portions of campaigns (especially those in highly-impacted areas). We’re also putting (even more) strict controls + exclusions in place, as well as advising clients on internal comms as well. @DigitalSamIAm

No changes for U.K. / EU clients. That said, echo general sentiment that in social it’s not the time to self-promote your brand message. Lot of trite from brands who should shut up. @beyondcontent

I’m interested in reading these comments. I don’t believe we are encountering reasons to turn them off but I’m curious if I’m overlooking something. @RyBen3

Q2: Are clients asking for advice about how to handle their marketing in this climate? If so, what are they asking/saying?

When I brought up pausing everything with clients, they generally asked for my opinion on what they should do. I have always felt it was part of my job to help clients make good decisions for the moment and for the longer haul. @NeptuneMoon

Because we do performance, no. But there must be creative teams looking at client briefs and thinking OMFG. How do we politely point out this is shallow, transparent PR land grab? I don’t envy them. @beyondcontent

I’m providing what I see the possibilities of either pausing or remaining live and allowing them to make the call. Leaving ads live and brand consequencescan be bad but are also very much unknown.  I’m initiating most of these convos. @markpgus

Q3: Are you uncomfortable with anything you’re being asked to do or not do within the accounts that you manage?

Not yet, our clients are pretty chill. but it’s only 9:30 am ;)…@JuliaVyse

No, but I would be concerned if I had a client who thought it would be a good idea to sit down in the middle of this. I see a lot of messages (esp on social) that strike me as well-meaning, but pretty tone deaf.  @stevegibsonppc

Not uncomfortable with anything and tbh I don’t think there is much outside of pushing messaging blatantly disagreeing with the BLM movement or pushing All Lives Matter etc. @markpgus

I mean, I’m definitely against doing things like @suitsupply or Bristol Gin. But (thankfully) many of our clients have been understanding. @DigitalSamIAm

Q4:  What, if anything, do you want to see from brands right now?

oo! I’ve seen good stuff on LinkedIn from brands donating to bail funds, making blatant hiring policies, highlighting black and poc voices, good stuff! this is stuff I want to see. @JuliaVyse

I don’t want to hear anything from brands really. I tweeted a couple of weeks into COVID that is really is ok to sit some things out. If you want to do something, a simple statement of support and that’s it. Be quiet and let others be heard.@NeptuneMoon

Idk if I’d say i want to see it but it could be interesting to run a blackout ad on IG. I think that’d be and interesting PR move. Not saying I think it should be done but I think it’s interesting. @markpgus

IMO, some brands have earned the right to be part of the conversation. Most haven’t. And, IMO, those who use sweatshops in Asia definitely don’t have the right to talk about racial equality – because they’re not treating their Asian workers as equals. @stevegibsonppc

Sensitivity above all things and not just to hijack the sufferings of a few key people – namely the immediate family. Also don’t just post long support messages/gifs – tell us what you are doing and how you are supporting. Unless – it’s just click-bait. @mindswanppc

CMO average tenure is something like 3 years. Big companies go quarter to quarter tracking numbers. If they haven’t stepped outside their personal culture bubble recently then no one cares what they say. I’d like them to acknowledge where they fall short. @beyondcontent

I don’t identify with this but living in a conservativestare state where there is more all lives matter talk than there probably is elsewhere, it’s worth remembering a chunk of your customer base probably is not as into the movement. 1/2  @markpgus

Q5: How do you feel about being in advertising right now?

Happy there are brands I can help. weird that my current role is to make sure the internet has enough ads on it.  @JuliaVyse

It does feel odd on some levels to be working in advertising (and has for a few months now, really). I do feel good about being a position to help organizations actually think through these things. @NeptuneMoon

I honestly feel really bad about working in digital advertising right now. Since the start of COVID it has been tough, but I feel particularly bad about Facebook and how they’re a horribly unethical company. And we are directly helping them make money. @CJSlattery

Grateful to have momentary distractions. We need it for our mental health. It is okay to not be politically/racially charged for a few hours a day. @mindswanppc

I’ve honestly felt so from the advertising world since covid started (virtue of being in-house now vs agency) but it is a little surreal. I’ve been thinking a lot more about impact than just messaging and targeting. I don’t have answers but the questions are more real  @akaEmmaLouise

It’s definitely a weird time to be in advertising, but there have been some positives to come out of the last few months – both in the PPC community and local communities. I guess we’ll have to wait and see whether these continue once we establish a new ‘normal’. @SarahPixelHappy

Highlight and uplift black and poc voices in this space. encourage brands to act responsibly. Tell the truth about the platforms we use every day. highlight black owned businesses if you can. it’s a start. @JuliaVyse

I’m proud to work in advertising. Advertising informs people about products and services that can – in some way – make their lives better. It also stimulates demand which grows the economy and creates jobs. @stevegibsonppc

Q6: What can we, as a community, do to try to have a positive impact right now?

Lift someone/a business up in any way you can. We need a better balance of good news against the bad we are seeing. so don’t self-promote but promote someone another brand that is doing something worthwhile! @mindswanppc

I would like to organize something concrete if possible and be a source to amplify voices that should be heard. I am open to suggestions from you, the #ppcchat community, on how we can help. @NeptuneMoon

I call that #outragepr and while it’s definitely a tactic in fast fashion, some companies aren’t that ballsy. Just dumb. It’s encouraging to see others in today’s chat sharing their thoughts. This side of the pond feels less apocalyptic as lockdown eases. @beyondcontent

I’ve seen some marketers posting free consulting/volunteer services for BIPOC-owned businesses (kinda like we saw for small biz at start of covid). I’m eager to hear what others (esp POC) recommend! @akaEmmaLouise

Keep speaking out. Keep challenging what we know is wrong or unjust. Check our privilege – whatever that privilege is @SarahPixelHappy

Hire people of color. Our industry is way too white. No excuse for that.  @Mel66

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