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This week’s PPCChat session was a Q&A session with JD Prater, who discussed about advertising on Quora and why advertisers must opt for the platform. Moderated by Julie F Bacchini, this session answers some of the trending questions around Quora Advertising.

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Q: What types of advertising are available on Quora? – @NeptuneMoon

We have 1) Image Ads 2) Text Ads 3) and Promoted Answers. Using these ad types, advertisers can engagement with their target audience and piece together a full-funnel strategy! – @jdprater



Q: So with this platform you’d consider Promoted Answers to be top of funnel because they engage users, drive to your site and then you can remarket to them?@SEMFlem

That depends on your targeting. That said, it’s a great way to build the top of funnel and establish trust.  – @jdprater



Q: How does ad targeting work on Quora?  – @NeptuneMoon

We offer behavioral targeting (engagement based) and contextual based targeting across the funnel.  – @jdprater


Q: Would you most closely align this to a GDN effort, or something else? – @JonKagan

Not exactly. Our targeting is all on our network. It looks more like Facebook and Google Search. – @jdprater



Q: Follow up, slightly more incompetent question. Would this be a like a Bing Native scenario, where it is keyword contextual driven, but on just a small/isolated network? – @JonKagan

If that helps you then sure. But our network has over 300 million monthly so it’s slightly more like a social with search targeting. – @jdprater



Q: What kind of companies are using Quora Ads currently?  – @NeptuneMoon

we see a variety of companies leveraging to grow their business. Right now, it’s around 60% B2B and 40% B2C. – @jdprater



Q: any specific vertical do well? Like healthcare, finance, etc? – @JonKagan

Just to give you an example of industry coverage by number of questions – @jdprater


Q: How much are the CPCs for Quora ads? Cheaper than LinkedIn I hope? – @KantJungRand

Way cheaper!  – @jdprater



Q: What makes a successful Quora campaign? – @NeptuneMoon

Knowing your audience, goals, and doing some research on Quora. Our audience is a very high-intent audience. They come to understand the world around them and that includes your products/services. So start with some research by searching keywords/topics on Quora.  – @jdprater

Then make some notes on followers, questions, and writers.


Q: What kinds of volume should advertisers generally expect on or are you seeing if advertising there?  – @NeptuneMoon

Volume will depend entirely on your targeting, industry and product/service. That said, don’t expect FB or Google volume as we aren’t that big (yet) – @jdprater



Q: How granular are the geotargeting options? – @SEMFlem

Country, State, and City are available!  – @jdprater



Q: Any info on benchmarks per industry for CTR in Quora Ads? – @HayleyDeee

I haven’t seen anything yet coming from our 3rd party API partners. That said, 0.50% is a good CTR on image ads.



Q: What’s the average reach for a typical small business?@ferkungamaboobo

Depends on your targeting. That said, we can give you est weekly volume based on your targeting in the Ads Manager – @jdprater



Q: Why should my company advertise on Quora? – @NeptuneMoon

if you’re looking to reach and influence people when they’re actively looking for an answer or researching then are for you. People are engaged when they come Quora.

Q: Lemme ask the question I ask all vendors: What can Quora do for me in Paducah, KY? @ferkungamaboobo

Go into the Ads Manager and input your targeting. We’ll provide the est weekly impression to help you make the best decision. It’s free – no cc needed.



Q: How many of you participating today are either currently using Quora for advertising or have definitely plans to in Q1 2019? – @NeptuneMoon

not so much a plan, but a hope. I have a finance client who I think would benefit. of course, every time a new platform opens up, I always have to ask, Canada question mark? – @JuliaVyse

Definite plans! – @mindswanppc

Currently using but for remarketing only – @HayleyDeee

I have 2 clients I am hoping will go for it in Q1. – @NeptuneMoon



Q: For question targeting, what general range of followers should a question have for you to consider it worth targeting?  – @SEMFlem

Entirely up to you. Broader questions have more reach and niche are more focused. It’s important to remember that this is our most targeted option available. So scaling this is tough!  – @jdprater



Q: I would imagine remarketing in topics to Question viewers is a good strategy to scale? – @markpgus

Great idea! Couple that with CPM bidding and you’ll own that topic for your audience.  – @jdprater



Q: what is the one thing you want to take away from today’s chat? – @NeptuneMoon

That you should definitely consider using in 2019 to reach your audience when they’re in a research and consideration mindset. And . . . * High-intent audience * 300+ million monthly visitors * Great targeting * Conversion tracking  – @jdprater



Q: So I 1) set up the pixel, 2) create “All Site Visitors” audience, then 3) run a Quora ad to those visitors? In your experience, should I do an image or plain txt ad for remarketing? – @KantJungRand

I’m a big fan of Image Ads!  – @jdprater



Q: Which channels work best for remarketing off your users after we’ve cookied them? I’m going to guess FB, Youtube, or it depends lol but curious if you have any data/info – @markpgus

For lead gen, I prefer Facebook since lead ads make it CRAZY convenient for the user to convert without leaving the platform. Don’t have experience with e-commerce to comment either way – @akaEmmaLouise

One of my tips for FB Lead Ads, ask them why they’re interested in your business/industry/offer. Then use their answers/language in your ad copy. It’s like your speaking their language! FB and Google have the scale so of course they work well, IMO.  – @jdprater




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