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Hosted by Duane Brown, this week’s PPCChat session was focused on Amazon Ads,Effective tactics in Amazon and what sort of brands PPCers working with on Amazon platform.

Here is the screencap of the session


Q. Who’s doing Amazon and what sort of brands are you working with on the platform?


Yes. DTC brands forced me there. The chinese knockoffs came and they started to get decent volume… Forced our hand to get in the game. @markpgus

Amazon is incredibly good for most of my clients. I work with retail brands as well as food brands on Amazon. @lchasse

We use Amazon for a couple retail brands. Admittedly I’m not the specialist on my team, but I have two who use it regularly (that’s the problem when you become a manager, less time in new fun platforms) @amaliaefowler

We’re no ‘experts’ at Amazon Ads by any means, but we have a couple clients who sell a single product/smaller brand that offers eComm through their website, and they also have their product listed on Amazon. @DarthSamK

I have one client using Amazon ads that sells RV accessories. Happy with performance so far, I’m encouraging others to start. @FindingAmanda

This is where I start lurking. Not much Amazon for B2B clients. @Mel66

We do some, we do it for apparel clients, who need to move old inventory more than anything. @JonKagan



Q. Which tactic are you finding most effective in Amazon? Time to dish and help your fellow people out…


This is where I lurk  @amaliaefowler

Haha, dish. Honestly Amazon has a ton you can and should be doing if you sell on there. (1) organically and (2) paid ads. By far my favorite for paid is the product ads though. There are some different approaches, but these are the bread & butter. @lchasse

Product ads ftw! Similar structure to Google Ads. Cast a wide net to start to see what sticks. @FindingAmanda

Start automatic… Pull out best performers and go manual and max out budget and start bid optimization. Think of it as starting from scratch through a DSA or Shopping Campaign. Gather data and refine. @markpgus

Product ads rock the world with them…@JonKagan

This is a great YouTube tutorial for Amazon PPC. I scoured the Internet for this  @FindingAmanda

I’m with on this one.. I generally start with broad keywords with a testing budget, then narrow in once I find the gold. @brie_e_anderson



Q. Amazon buys Sizmek…. what is everyone’s take on this? What will Amazon buy next?


It is major major as it confirms their ambition to not only be bottom of funnel. Sizmek is a very advanced platform and though it may be an opportunistic buy, it opens a whole new world of “audience tech” to Amazon. @soanders

No I think it’s big. It’s Amazon flexing their muscles and being serious about going into media. Amazon is amazing in that it get adspend and commision on sales… Pair that with making outside attribution non-existent…. Frustrating for us but forcing our hand. @markpgus

Yeah I agree, it is a big deal and if anything shows Amazon’s serious about continuing to improve and add options in their advertising. @lchasse

Imagine if Google tomorrow decided you could only send traffic to a Google hosted page. We would be PISSED. But the ad offering is too good. We would still advertise. Adding Sizemek makes things REALLY REAL. Stop complaing about attribution and start advertising. @markpgus


Q. What do you wish Amazon would release in 2019? Could be a feature, product or access to a data set or report…NAME YOUR ONE AMAZON AD REQUEST!


Real-time reporting (just picking up on that topic that shocked me)….  @soanders


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