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This week’s PPCChat session, the last one of year 2018, was hosted by Julie F Bacchini. The discussion was about what the PPC experts wish from the advertising platforms; LinkedIn, Google Ads, Bing Ads, Twitter etc., what they want to get more skilled at, what task they wish they have to indulge less in and more.


Here is the screencap of the discussion that took place.

Q1: If Santa could make just one PPC wish come true for you in 2019 – what would it be? (This could be very practical or totally pie in the sky wishes).


Bring back Custom Conversion rules in FB – @adwordsgirl

An offline Editor for Facebook/Instagram. Would save me so much time. – @robert_brady

I’d wish for a clone of me. We’re so freaking swamped! – @Mel66

Get rid of close variant matching! – @digitallydan14

A Better Set of Keyword Match Types that meet advertisers needs for 1. Control, and 2. Reach. The new Exactish match is just Christmas Coal. – @Realicity

AI would be perfected and I would have a clone – @amaliaefowler

If there was one thing to rule them all. I wish would talk to more people before rolling out changes around the product and UI. I’m sure they do talk to some people but always curious who and how much – @duanebrown

for Google Ads to have separate, arms-length body holding our budgets so they don’t bias auction by seeing how much we can spend. (definitely pie in the sky!) – @heyglenns

Since he’s not a genie and I can’t ask for more wishes – @markpgus

I would love for remarketing restrictions to be lifted from pharma/healthcare clients – @JonKagan

So hard to choose just one thing… BUT, if Facebook Ads Manager could actually work every day, that would be great. I wasted so much time trying to build and launch stuff in 2018. It was nuts. – @NeptuneMoon

Go Back to Classic Google AdWords. The new interface is slow, cumbersome & difficult to access the data easily. – @BRAVOMedia1

Facebook Ads offline editor. to be less aggressive on overshooting budgets and bids so much and stop recommending maximize conversions for every campaign! –@marksubel

I wish ad customizers would be available in Responsive search ads in . I also wish IP exclusion was available in Editor. Adding new IPs to over 150 campaigns gets very time consuming! – @judelytics

We wish Google’s phone support was more consistently knowledgable and quicker at fixing things. We’ve noticed the service has gotten worse in recent months, and it can sometimes be challenging to communicate with foreign reps. Phone support can be a real time-suck. – @ClkContrl

Find new ways to announce changes to the point that we all feel is over communicating with the community. One things I took from UK PPCers when I lived in London working on …over communicate until you are blue in the face. – @duanebrown

If campaigns and ad groups were a little easier to manage in bulk in Google Ads, that would be amazing. Some of that could be a little more on the UI front, but the point still stands. – @marccxmedia



Q2: What do you most wish that would do or not do in 2019 & why?


I wish that Google Ads in 2019 would not surprise me. I wish that Google Ads would bring back real exact match. I wish Google Ads would remember my filters from screen to screen. – @amaliaefowler

Honestly, I would just be happy if they me an exact match actually exact match. – @adwordsgirl

Create a Content Promotion solution that gives us 1 long headline for promoting content that is not broken up with a | and still allows us to test ad headlines. – @Realicity

Oops, mine is a duplicate of answer 1: Wish Google Ads was less aggressive on overshooting budgets and bids so much. And reduce the # of times recommending maximize conversions for campaigns. It doesn’t work for every scenario! –@marksubel

Pie in the sky – Bring back Exact Match as really, truly only matching to my exact included words. Could maybe happen request – Provide data on responsive ads to show which pieces in what combinations performed better. – @NeptuneMoon

Stop forcing “Smart” crap and automation on advertisers. If they’re really that much better advertisers should gladly opt in. If they’re not good enough to do that, then make them better. – @robert_brady

Make an ad platform that fundamentally shifts away from the “display” model and actually works for the modern web in a away that’s both user-friendly and business-focused – @ferkungamaboobo

I would love for them to open up info on offline purchases/store visits, and I want them to stop messing with match types – @JonKagan

+1 on the filters. And also not saving things like the search term filter from a different campaign from last week. – @JasonStinnett

In 2019 I wish Google would show the 3rd headline I wrote rather than just adding the domain in at the beginning or end. Small thing, but it really annoys me. – @digitallydan14

Wish they would not initiate ads on their own with the [Auto-applied ad suggestion] & perhaps supply it in a report, instead. – @BRAVOMedia1

I would LOVE to have a wonderful B2B integration with Salesforce. Automatically importing audiences and details and targeting accordingly… Waive off min audience size… Def not realistic I know. – @markpgus

That Google Ads offered walkthroughs of how to set up accounts from start to finish and how to optimize an account. We realize that’s a tall order but it would cater more towards the DIY crowd, which is what Google seems to be pushing with this interface switch. Google provides tons of information about Google Ads but nothing in the way of advice. Maybe they do that on purpose, but 100% of the time for advice, we go to third party blogs, YouTubers, podcasts etc. – @ClkContrl

Make exact match great again and more B2B-focused solutions. A lot of the new things they’re releasing are great for B2C (which makes sense), but don’t forget us B2B peeps – @atjoshnelson

As alluded to in A1, a bit of a better campaign/ad group management UI when it comes to getting into the nitty gritty of bulk ad and keyword management would be wonderful. – @marccxmedia



Q3: What do you most wish that would do or not do in 2019 for advertisers and why?


Not break and have glitches every week. Add an offline editor. – @Mel66

I mean, baseline, I’d love it to just work. Also, if custom conversions are really gone, that grinds my gears. I would love for Facebook to, even if it breaks, let me retain the ability to pause ads. I had a whole week where I couldn’t do that this week. I also had a week where a comment (racist af) wouldn’t hide, and that almost lost me a client. So just work, FB – @amaliaefowler

Rebuild User Trust so they stop jumping ship. Chasing Users we’re already found to platforms is a waste of marketing resources. – @Realicity

Since a potential Offline Editor won Q1… I’ll say an expansion of Dynamic Creative to more objectives (specifically event based) I’m not sure why it isn’t an option across the board! – @markpgus

Close shop. System is irretrievably broken, try again. – @ferkungamaboobo

I wish would improve their bulk upload in the editor, or even better, have an offline editor! Also, I wish would have simple rules to turn off ads and turn them back on specific dates instead of having to create new ad sets.– @judelytics

It is sad for me to say that my answer is something that should be so damn basic, but it needs to be available for me to work in when I need to. Besides offline editor, it desperately needs a more MCC type of mgmt. Also, please stop reordering things on my screen. And stop populating audiences from one account into others. Just because I have access to both, this should not happen. – @NeptuneMoon

For FB Ads, simple: Offline editor + less errors = more efficiency & more advertiser spend. All parties win. –@marksubel

I want them to give us an offline editor. I want them to stop being terrible people from a rep support POV… – @JonKagan

Beyond getting the ad platform stable. I wish they would clean up their act around privacy, customer data and don’t sit on the fence. Beyond getting the ad platform stable. I wish they would clean up their act around privacy, customer data and don’t sit on the fence.

I think Facebook should do a Google and re-design the whole UI. I find it horrible to use – @digitallydan14

Already mentioned the offline editor, so I’ll give my 2nd request: Get some decent B2B targeting. We lost most of it in the past year or so and if they don’t get it back they leave the door open for Bing/LinkedIn to take more budgets. – @robert_brady

We wish there was better access to their support. Facebook really drops the ball in that area for advertisers. – @ClkContrl

If Facebook Ads had a better day/time-parting management when it comes to bidding, that would be amazing. We tried it with an international client earlier in the year and ran into budget issues quickly. – @marccxmedia



Q4: What do you most wish that would do or not do in 2019 & why?


They got a good start on LI targeting integration this year. Would love to see more targeting parameters brought over from LI (titles, groups, etc.) – @timothyjjensen

I actually got my wish from them already in scripting – @adwordsgirl

Double down on the LinkedIn targeting integration. – @robert_brady

Bing, Bing, Bing. The redheaded stepchild. It gets such good results for me, but has a volume problem. I don’t know how they fix that, but if they could, that would do me a huge favor! – @amaliaefowler

I Like BING ads – they produce a lower CTR but higher Conversions, IMO. For 2019 wish they’d put together their own Bing Analytics! – @BRAVOMedia1

I’m going to echo the keep integrating LinkedIn audience options. A true B2B advertising platform for search would be so great! – @NeptuneMoon

More LI targeting options. Job title is a big one. So important for B2B and a real differentiator if we can get what we need. – @Mel66

My love for knows no bound. However, stealing an idea from and having LinkedIn Profile Targeting include Display ads. Honestly, I wish Bing had bought Yahoo to give them more scale. our Shopping CPAs are lit – @duanebrown

Would love Bing Ads to absorb LinkedIn Ads (all of it). Better to run and combo campaigns into 1 platform. Once Bing Ads absorbed LinkedIn ads, then built our your Display network partners, thus allowing us to target Display (and Remarketing) across the network with LinkedIn “Career” data. – @Realicity

I would love for them to be more transparent with their syndicated partners, create a real display network, and get me some voice and video marketing capabilites – @JonKagan

That you don’t have to spend 10k to have access to it – let smaller players participe as well – @andreacruz92

release LinkedIn profile targeting faster. – @atjoshnelson

modernize their UI – @digitallydan14

We haven’t used Bing Ads, so we can’t speak to any 2019 wishes. – @marccxmedia



Q5: What do you most wish that other platforms like would do or not do in 2019 & why?


cheaper cpc’s on LinkedIn – @andreacruz92

And for LinkedIn in particular, why you so damn expensive!? – @amaliaefowler

For LI and TW, better MCC type integration. Better UI navigation and campaign creation flow. Audience research tools. For LI – lower CPCs. – @Mel66

Volume, volume, volume! – @JonKagan

Would like to see Twitter add actual follower targeting instead of lookalike-of-follower targeting. Also definitely keeping an eye on anything happening on Quora’s end  – @timothyjjensen

Same as in A4, we haven’t utilized other ad platforms outside of Google and Facebook. – @marccxmedia.

Would love Pinterest to improve its platform to have all campaign types in one area, to be able to export delivery results for all campaign types in one report and select more than 20 ad groups for a keyword report. – @kristin_palmer1

Drop Their Own Platform and Partner with another for advertiser management. Do we really need to be managing 8 different platforms for 1 client? How many of these other sites would you be running ads on if you could do it from 1 or 2 platforms? – @Realicity

easy… better ad manager. In weekly and it’s all the small details that the ad manager is lacking. They have bene super focused on their pixel the last year mind you cc  – @duanebrown

Just keep innovating honestly. I could walk through a list of features but I don’t know what I don’t know. (for all it’s faults), does a good job always coming up with new ad formats. – @timmhalloran



Q6: What is something you want to learn more about, start doing or get more skilled at in 2019?


Chatbot development – @scottclark

Messenger Ads, Chat bots, automation in general. An elementary knowledge of SQL and business intelligence so I can read API’s and what not. – @timmhalloran

I’m so excited for 2019. I would love to spend more time looking at platforms I’m not familiar with, as well as developing my analytics abilities. I’m pretty sure I’m going to take a class on it in 2019. I’m psyched. – @amaliaefowler

Scripts and keep learning about CRMs and CMSs – @andreacruz92

We really hope our team can take on more Amazon Advertising clients. We’ve already got the ball rolling with some training sessions with an Amazon rep a few weeks ago, but it’s a whole other beast to master.  – @ClkContrl

we’ve primarily used Google AdWords, Facebook ads and thing ads. I would love to learn more about the other advertising platforms and diversify a bit more. OH & scripting. I’ve got a pretty good grasp on it but I would love to be able to understand them a bit further. – @adwordsgirl

In 2019, I’m going to do a push for Video Marketing on all platforms!  – @BRAVOMedia1

Search Ads 360, since a few clients are insisting we use it. Google Tag Manager, for like the third year in a row… Scripts. – @Mel66

I want to dig more into Facebook Analytics. I am a huge Google Analytics user and nerd, but I have not done much with Facebook’s native stuff. – @NeptuneMoon

Shopify. We have more and more ecom clients on the platform. Company wide goal is get 2 of 3 certifications on the platform and help make us stand out amount PPC agencies in 2019 – @duanebrown

Agree with all mentioning scripts. I’d like to get past a point of copying and pasting other people’s scripts and learn enough to create/test some of my own – @timothyjjensen

My goals are: 1) Learn & really get good at non-search channels 2) Execute on all the Power BI content ideas I’ve been cooking up – @JasonStinnett

Podcasting & Video. Because they’re becoming (became?) more accessible to produce and gain an audience. – @Realicity

improve my coding skills to integrate more custom automations in PPC, mostly with scripts and API integrations. – @judelytics

Figuring out the core concepts of marketing better. Learn to communicate both strategy and in general. Regain any trust in advertising on the web. Code better websites. Do more CRM integration. – @ferkungamaboobo

Honestly… this is the year I want to hit things harder outside of PPC. It’ll always be my pillar, but I want to get more familiar with other channels and getting them all to mesh together – @markpgus

Learning more about CRM, deeper dive into Shopify and start getting skilled at the Amazon platform. – @JGeestar

I always want to learn more about how to improve my results. I’d also love to figure out how to do video , starting with how to produce a decent commercial on a budget. (Haven’t been able to get a YouTube video approved yet) – @KantJungRand

Definitely digging more into the Facebook Ads platform.– @marccxmedia



Q7: What do you wish you could do way less of in 2019?


Way less mindless reporting – @heyglenns

Spending quality time in the search terms report because exact match – @adwordsgirl

Configuring columns. – @JasonStinnett

Query management and sculpting. Unfortunately Exactish will make this harder this year. – @Realicity

Waiting for FB screens to load, dealing with FB issues and glitches, manually checking to make sure the right FB ads are running and FB didn’t randomly turn them on or off. – @Mel66

Talking about metrics that don’t really matter too much in the grand scheme of things. – @davisbaker

Troubleshooting conversion tracking, standard events, and/or attribution issues. Basically time consuming op tasks. I just want things to work automatically without having to do anything. I know I sound like a rube but I think we’ll get there someday soon. – @timmhalloran

Less email communication and more action – I think in the agency world this is always a challenge – @andreacruz92

Sometimes less account builds because the last agency did a piss poor job trying to capture everyone under the sun and yet traffic was less then Bing. – @duanebrown

Repetitive tasks over and over. I need twothings: less time in the search query report (not going to happen), to prioritize internal documentation (should definitely happen). – @amaliaefowler

Chasing invoices – @scottclark

Jumping from task to task to stay focused on the “issue” I’m handling in the moment. I’m notorious for looking at the Shiney Object. – @BRAVOMedia1

My wish is for less time in SQRs and less annoyance at what I find there and what I need to do as a result – make massive negative lists. Also pretty please add a “date added” column to negative kw list/screens? – @NeptuneMoon

Existential crises? Shoulda-wouldas? I don’t think that’s what we meant. – @ferkungamaboobo

Less minute campaign management in Ads. We’ve been working to par down campaigns and ad groups before we implement them to better focus budgets, which has helped in this regard. – @marccxmedia

over think and over analyze – @JonKagan

019 wishes to PPC platforms: consistency, innovation, trustworthiness and for goodness sake stay out of the news. – @timmhalloran



Q8: Final thoughts on 2018? Last plea for things to be different in 2019?


I’m really grateful for all I got this year. Speaking at SMX was a highlight, meeting many of you in person was a highlight. I also have a long to-do list to keep growing in 2019. Mostly, thank you all for your support, feedback, kidnesses and advice in 2018. Oh, and obviously hosting was a highlight too. A special thank you to for everything – running this isn’t easy, and you keep our community glued together (plus are just the nicest human ever, so there’s that). – @amaliaefowler

That is it… said al I really want to. Really looking forward to 2019 and some new ideas we have at the agency for profitable growth. Plus helping one toy client grow outside of the USA into other English markets – @duanebrown

I’m right there with SUPER grateful for the entire community. You guys have been huge for my career this past year… I’m at a place I couldn’t even imagine a year ago! So thank you all. – @markpgus

Our ppc team would definitely appreciate the Google Ads UI staying consistent for a little longer in 2019. It seems like something is added, tested, and taken away every week. – @ClkContrl

2018 marked my 10th year of consulting & it brought on new challenges. For 2019 …. Let it all be GOOD! – @BRAVOMedia1

I’m new to the community so I’m super thankful for everyone’s knowledge, wisdom and support. Never once have I felt out of place – @adwordsgirl

More Control, Greater Reach, Less Overhead and Better Usability for User Interfaces.  – @Realicity

2018 had a lot of pointless stuff deployed. How about in 2019 we ask the search gods to leave stuff alone – @heyglenns



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