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AdGooroo’s Q1 2015, report on Apparel and Paid Search gave perspective on the advertising activity of top 1000 apparel keywords. Claiming that about $183 million are spent by advertisers on these keywords, they further shared:

More than 50% ($92 million) devoted to Desktop Text Ads, 33% ($61 million) to Desktop Product Listing Ads, 10% to Mobile Product Listing Ads ($19 million) and 6% to Mobile Text Ads ($11 million).

Analyzing the top 20 advertisers made it apparent that PLA’s have a higher CTR than Text Ads at a similar cost.

Top 20 advertisers averaged a 3.03% CTR for Desktop Text Ads at an average cost per click of $1.41, while gaining a 5.70% CTR for Desktop Product Listing Ads at close to the same average CPC–$1.45, or just a 3% difference.

Macy, led the competitors in the ad spend with a whopping $6.4 million spent across devices. Its farther competitor Nordstrom spent $4 million followed by Zappos and JC Penny. Reviewing the category leadership shared a different outlook. The heavy spender Macy fell in third position in share of voice by Paid Search Desktop impression, preceded by Zappos and Amazon. Further, Victoria’s Secret and Zulily excelled in the Desktop Text Ad ‘Clicks‘, followed by Macy, Amazon and Zappos (in that order)

View the full report here

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