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Learn about the new Google Merchant Center Import Tool and how to use it, AdWords detailed demographics which is currently in beta, step-by-step guide to link your Google properties with AdWords, managing negative keywords for large shopping campaigns and more in this week’s PPC News recap.


Create Bing Shopping Campaigns more easily with the GMC Import tool – Now you can easily import your Google Shopping Ads into Bing with the GMC (Google Merchant Center )Import Tool. Here is how to go about importing our ads.

import from GMC


6 Common SEM Mistakes (and How to Fix Them) – Chandal Nolasco Da Silva discusses the common mistakes an advertiser makes along with actionable steps to correct those mistakes with immediate effect.


Linking AdWords to Google Analytics & Search Console – This is a mist have step if you are running your campaigns on AdWords. Here is a step-by-step guide to go about linking your Google accounts for better analysis and insight.


Watch Out for Google Ad Suggestions! – If you have opted for Google Ad Suggestions then beware of the suggested ad getting automatically live within 14 days. Pauline Jakober shares details and why you need to stay alert.


FACEBOOK DYNAMIC CREATIVE TOOL: A BREAKDOWN AND HOW-TO GUIDE – With the Facebook Dynamic Creative Tool advertisers can get insight into the which ad creative performs across placements and with your target audience. Kass Botts shares how to use this tool and break down the data for useful information.

dynamic tool ad variation facebook


Organizing Negative Keywords in Large Shopping Campaigns – Martin Roettgerding shares the best practices for managing negative keywords for shopping campaigns with large number of product related terms.


HOW TO REACH NICHE AUDIENCES ON LINKEDIN WITH GROUP TARGETING – Here is how you can ditch the cost and try targeting more relevant audience to make the most of your LinkedIn campaign. Jon Quinton discusses how to go about it in this post.


Bing Ads to Allow Advertisers to Target LinkedIn Audiences – Matt Southern shares details of Bing Ads plan to launch a new functionality that will allow advertisers to target LinkedIn audience.


What is Google AdWords’ New Detailed Demographics Feature? – Here is an overview of AdWords Detailed Demographics (in beta and currently available to select advertisers), how it can help improve your reach and what PPCers have to say about it. Greg Swan shares details.

detailed demographics adwords


Quora Ads API Beta Program – On successful completion of a year of Quora Ads, they announced that they have built a beta version of their API program which will be put to test with select partners to start with.




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