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Welcome to this week’s PPC News recap. Announcement from Google regarding new account map, Google ads (beta) available in 11 different languages, Call-to-action extensions in YouTube, 5 strategies for a successful back to school campaign on twitter and more.


Manage multiple accounts more efficiently with the account map – Google’s announcement of new account map to visualize your account structure. Learn more here.

Manage multiple accounts more efficiently with the account map

Gallery ads (beta) available in 11 languages globally –  Google has announced the beta for Google Ads during their marketing live event. Now it is available in 11 different languages.Get more insight in this brief post.


Quora Integrates with the LiveRamp Platform -To enhance advertiser value from ads platform, Quora has announced the ability to use LiveRamp IdentityLink  to on board people-based audiences. Learn more here.


How to Drive More Traffic with YouTube Call-to-Action Extensions – Video campaigns are a great way to attract customers and YouTube is a best source to do video campaigns. In this article Joe Martinez helps us to know how call-to-action extensions can help to drive more traffic in YouTube.


Best practices for back to school marketing campaigns – An informative article by Liz Alton explaining 5 strategies for a successful back to school campaign on twitter.


Google Ads Recommendations Tab Keeps Getting More Sophisticated – Google Ads keeps making improvements in the Recommendations and they’re making it much more advertiser-friendly. How, Robert Brady explains in this blog post.


Optimizing Your Ads for Google’s Mobile Search Pages – As mobile device usage is increasing, Google is also  changing the mobile search engine results page. In this article you will learn why this change is important and how you can get the most out of a mobile search.


Here’s how Google Ads’ new keyword selection preferences work – An informative article by Ginny Marvin to understand how new  keyword selection preferences help prevent keywords from competing against each other.


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