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Ever since Google officially accepted that more Google searches were taking place on mobile than on computers, there have been an array of product updates introduced to support mobile searches.  One of such announcement made was the launch of Click to Message Extension.


Karooya's Message Tracking Tool



With Message Extension customers can reach out to marketers through the medium of SMS and strike an initial conversation. This mode of communication is unique and breaks the ice with customers not comfortable with the concept of making a call. It is a spontaneous approach for such an audience segment and initial testing have shown that CTR with Message Extension have been at par with that of Call Extension.


Though the process is convenient and comes with best practices guide to make the most out of this opportunity, there are a couple of concerns yet to attend to:

  • You might not wish to give away your personal number
  • You may need to carry separate device to get these text messages. If you want to use multiple numbers,  you will need those many mobile phones.
  • There is no way to track and measure the success of Message Extension


To help attend to these issues, we have a solution.


Here is how our NEW Message Extension Tracking Tool helps:


Step 1: We give you a phone number in your country of choice (Currently, USA, UK and Canada are supported. Contact us, if your country is not supported currently. We will try our best to help you get started.).


Step 2: Use this number to create Message Extension in your Google AdWords account.


Step 3: Users may see message extension with your ad. When a user clicks on this extension, it opens the SMS app on the user’s mobile phone with pre-populated message (that you configured in step 2.)


Step 4: When user sends that message, we will receive that message. We will notify you by email and SMS. This message is counted as a conversion.


Step 5: With Karooya, you will be able to respond to your customers’ messages. The customer receives the messages from the number we gave you in Step 1. It’s as if the customer is texting a friend.


If conversions is what was holding you back to test and try Message Extensions, then leave the worry to us. Get going with Message Extensions and start to reap the following benefits:

  • Connect with audience even outside of business hours
  • Schedule a call at a later hour or date as per customer’s convenience
  • Connect with that audience segment more interested in text messaging as a means of communication
  • Quicker and more spontaneous than waiting to get connected with the team through a call

You can try the Message Tracking Tool for free here and start recording your message conversions.


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Roundup of last week’s PPC posts where experts discuss about campaign level audience lists, sharing negative keywords across multiple AdWords accounts, facebook dynamic ads, demographic targeting, mobile PPC and more.


Here are the top posts from last week.


1. Make the Most of 4 Big AdWords Enhancements in 2017

Kelley Schultz elaborates on the 4 enhancements she deems as important for planning AdWords strategy in 2017, namely ETAs, device level bidding, message extension and responsive display ads.


2. How To Decrease Your PPC Budget, But Not Your Results

Robert Brady shares the 3 tips to cut down on your PPC budget without letting the performance of your account get effected.

filter by conversion


3. New: Share Google AdWords Negative Keywords Across Accounts

Now you can easily share your negative keywords across multiple accounts if linked with your manager account. Barry Schwartz elaborates this new update in this post.


4. Using Demographic Targeting in AdWords

With demographic data readily available in AdWords, combining keyword based ads with demographic targeting can help improve your results. Robert Brady elaborates in this post.


5. How to Exclude Mobile Apps in Google AdWords… The Easy Way!

Kirk Williams in this post shares the easy step by step process to exclude mobile apps from your AdWords campaign.

device exclusion adwords


6. Increase Revenue with Strategic Audiences in Google Analytics & Google AdWords

Michael Bartholow discusses the 4 step process to leverage data from Google Analytics and utilizing it to improve and increase revenue from Google AdWords. Learn more from this post.


7. Visible Quality Score versus Auction Quality Score

Quality Score visible in the account is not the one used in auction. Know the difference between the auction and visible QS as Brad Geddes gives suggestions to improve your visible quality score.


8. Save Time By Adding AdWords Audience Lists at the Campaign Level

Make better optimizations by adding campaign level search audience lists and easily measure your bid adjustments. Tara Johnson elaborates on this change in this post.

campaign level audience lists


9. Facebook Updates How Dynamic Ads Work

With Facebook’s Dynamic Ads you can easily control how you reach to specific set of audience. This ad format has been further upgraded to improve reaching out to audience which have shown a purchase intent. More about this ad format in this post by Danny Goodwin


10. Mobile Pay-Per-Click in 2017

Why driving focus on mobile devices in important for marketers and how to take advantage of mobile device for sustainable growth. This post discusses the importance of mobile in the PPC world.


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The new year has begun, and so have discussions around the PPC space on how to make 2017 an even more successful year. So, start building revised PPC strategies and adopt the tips shared in this week’s roundup.


Here are the top posts from last week.


1. The Continued Demotion Of Keywords In Search

Julie F Bacchini discusses how demotion of keywords is a fact made evident by the changes made by Google on it s AdWords platform.


2. A new guide to testing and experimentation in AdWords

The beginning of year 2017 saw a new guide published by Google intended to help understand if any proposed changes in your account will help you achieve your performance goals


3. 2016 in review: Insights for search marketers from Bing Ads

Christi Olson give a preview of what marketers should look forward in Bing Ads in the year 2017 and the noteworthy updates made by them in the last year.

bing ads release timeline


4. The Importance of Audiences In PPC

Melissa Mackey shares how PPCers foresee audience to be an essential component of year 2017. Here is looking into why it is important and why advertisers must give a serious thought to it.


5. How to Reevaluate Your PPC Goals for 2017

Have you set up your PPC goals for this year? Here is why you should think about reevaluating your goals and when you should think about changing them. Nadine Janker elaborates in this post.


6. Strategies You Need To Try in 2017, According to 13 Digital Marketing Experts

Digital Marketers shares their opinion on the digital marketing strategy that advertisers must adopt in the year 2017. Here is looking at what Larry Kim, Rand Fishkin and other PPC experts have to say.


7. Standard Text Ad and GDN Text Ads Deprecation Starts in January

Tara Johnson elaborates on the Expanded Text Ads and how Standard Ads will finally be shown the doors. She discusses about ETA in detail, ETA’s performance results and Best Practices to adopt.


8. Guide to Expanded Text Ads: Tips on how to work with ETAs

Here is a guide to help you make the most out of Expanded Text Ads in 2017. With deadline nearing, advertisers might want to speed up the process of migration. Sasa Kovacevic discusses in this post.


9. What every PPC professional should do to prepare for 2017

In the webinar session, PPC expert Matthew Umbro, JD Prater  and Mike McEuen discussed about how advertises should prepare for 2017 and share actionable tips to help stay ahead. Hannah Lennett sums it up in this post.


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Recap of the last week’s PPC posts, that discussed about trending announcements made this year, mistakes to avoid making with ETA, reporting mistakes that affect your campaign performance, PPC automation mistakes to avoid and more discussed in this week’s roundup.


Here are the assorted PPC posts.


1. PPC Roundups From The Year 2016

Here are all the top roundups from the PPC space. From AdWords scripts to PPCChat session, from Bing Ads announcements to AdWords announcements, here is a recap of posts buzzing throughout the space.


2. The 10 Best & Biggest New PPC Features of the Year

Larry Kim shares the top 10 biggest announcements made in PPC this year. If you missed out on major updates introduced, then here is a recap of the same.


3. The 7 Deadly Sins of Expanded Text Ads (And What to Do Instead)

Expanded Text Ads are here, but advertisers might still be struggling to adjust with this new extended format. Basis what advertisers are facing, here is Allen Finn sharing the 7 mistakes that they make and how to avoid making them.

ETA copywriting


4. 7 Ready-Made AdWords Headline Formulas to Make Your Life Easy

A compelling ad headline is half battle won. Here’s Brad Smith’s best practices to make your headlines a success for your campaign.


5. AdWords Script to Exclude Locations Automatically

Ahmed Ali shares an AdWords Script to change the status of location to ‘Excluded’ or ‘Targeted’ to make your campaign more viable and effective.


6. 6 common PPC reporting mistakes that can make you look terrible

Frederick Vallaeys discusses the 5 common reporting mistakes that you should stop making and ways to fix them with immediate affect.

reporting mistakes


7. Futuristic PPC Automation: Creating Efficient Processes and Better Results

Not every automation idea might turn out successful. Johnathan Dane presents the six ideas to help PPCers generate better results and use less.


8. Are you Ready for AdWords’ Expanded Text Ads?

With new year commencing, ETAs will become a mandatory part of your account. If you haven’t yet got on track with your campaigns, then here are tips and hints to do so.


9. Is Everything OK? 3 Tips For Keeping Your PPC Accounts Healthy

Jeff Baum, discusses about maintaining the health of your PPC account by using the mentioned methods for monitoring the activities. Get going with the concepts discussed in this post.


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We recently published an array of posts covering the top blog posts published throughout the year across various domains, Bing Ads, AdWords, AdWords Scripts and more. This post is a repository for all those roundup posts for easy reference.


1. How Bing Ads Stayed At Par With AdWords With These Announcements

Recap of the top major announcements and updates introduced by Bing Ads this year. Structured snippet extensions, extending support for Expanded Text Ads, introducing Period Comparison and more such interesting updates covered in this assorted list.


2. The Top AdWords Announcements That Made News This Year

AdWords took some extreme steps this year to uplift its platform for its customers. From redesigning the interface to introducing new extended ad format, here is a list of updates that were buzzing around the PPC space this year.


3. Important AdWords Scripts Released This Year

AdWords Scripts helps simplify and automate some of the key tasks that otherwise would take much of advertiser’s time. Here is an assorted list of Free AdWords Scripts shared throughout the year that help you perform essential tasks with ease.


4. Top PPCChat Discussions of 2016

The PPCChat sessions are a great source of information on varied topics discusses widely amongst PPC experts. This roundup of the top PPCChat sessions is worth taking a look and bookmarking for future reference.


5. Karooya’s Top Posts From Year 2016

Here is a look at some of the top posts published by us and viewed the most amongst our viewers.


6. Top Social PPC Announcements of 2016

Social space also stayed up the game by updating their advertising platforms to improve advertiser experience. This recap covers the top announcements made by the top social media players, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.


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