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Bunch of AdWords Scripts shared to help advertisers copy campaign audience across multiple campaigns, to help identify performing and poor ads from your AdWords account and to pause or enable your campaigns when there is a considerable price difference between yours and competitors price. All these scripts and more PPC news in this week’s recap.



1. Introducing Smart display campaigns

With the NEW Smart display campaigns on the GDN, advertisers can reach more audiences at the right time and with relevant message.


2. Here’s a script that copies audiences to all your campaigns

Daniel Gilbert shares a script that helps you easily copy campaign level audience and bid adjustment from one campaign to all your campaigns.



4. Google AdWords Search Term Report Action Items

How you can make use of AdWords Search Terms Report to improve on the areas hurting your account performance. Here are the many ways that STR could help you.


5. How to Gauge Your Paid Social Success

Kelly Pollock discusses how businesses active on social platforms can measure their social ppc success by using Google Analytics and other tactics.


6. AdWords Script to Find Poor Performing Ads

Identify best and worst ads from your AdWords account. Pause the underperforming ads and invest more on the ones driving results to raise your overall campaign performance.



7. 8 Key Google Shopping Product Feed Optimizations [Checklist]

Key Google Shopping feed optimization tasks to help boost your online visibility and ensure that you are able to drive more conversions. Leanna Kelly discusses in this post.


8. AdWords Script to Pause Ads When your Prices aren’t Competitive

Ahmed Ali shares a script that evaluates the price difference between your business and competitors. It pauses the ads if the price difference is higher than the threshold defined or vice-versa. Get the script here.


9. Fight Click Fraud In Your Bing Ads Lead Gen Accounts

Facing threat from bots leading to cost crunch and irrelevant clicks being driven to your business? Tanner Schroeder shares the tactics that can help you catch the click fraud in Bing Ads.


source and medium of bing ads click


10. 4 Powerful Google Shopping Hacks to Supercharge Your Campaigns

Here are the 4 features and tools within AdWords that can help you break the clutter and improve your Shopping Campaigns for performance.


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All ads are not created equal. When you create multiple ads in an ad group, there are certain hypotheses you go with. You may wish to emphasize on call to action in one ad. You may highlight different USPs in different ads. You may want to talk about the offers on certain products and services.  You want to put those ads out there see which ones resonate with your audience the most. You may not know which ads will perform the best or how much better the best ad(s) can perform compared to other.

ad performance adwords script

In an AdWords account, running poor performing ads can drag your performance in variety of ways.

  • Your budget is being wasted on ads that are not bringing enough customers.
  • Winning ads are starved of impressions. Better ad is right there, but is not being enough chance.
  • If your competitors are running their best ad, they can raise their bids and in turn raise your CPCs as well.

Having multiple ad copies for A/B testing and rotating the ads delivery is a common practice to get better ads being shown frequently. But, making sure that a methodology is in place to pause the bad ads is another practice that you should follow. While there is no benchmark set for the number of ad copies that must run in an ad group, knowing which ones are eating away major chunk of your ad budget without delivering is worth knowing.


We have come up with an AdWords script to help you analyze your account for the winning and poor performing ads.

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With the launch of Expanded Text Ads, Google AdWords and Bing Ads offer more room to your ad messaging. However with the additional space, there is a possibility of your ad messaging being truncated for certain device types. This is done to improve the user’s search experience.


Whether you ad will be truncated or not can be viewed in the ad preview while creating your ad. Though this should be a rare circumstance, however the likelihood of it happening is more in desktop search results.


To recap the Expanded Text Ads revised character limit, here are the details:


Expanded Text Ad Character Limit Current Text Ad Limit
Headline 1 30 characters 25 characters
Headline 2 30 characters NA
Description Consolidated 80 character description 2 Description Lines with 35 character each
Display URL Replaced with 2 path fields, each having 15 character limit and is an optional field 35 character limit


As can be seen, Headline 2 is an additional option offered. This is more likely to be truncated, if you use the entire 30 character limit for both Headline 1 & 2. Here is what will happen then:


expanded text ads truncation


Clearly, the text message in Headline 2 is truncated. So, what should you do to avoid this?

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In this week’s PPC News experts share their views on why advertisers must make business decisions for their AdWords campaigns. At what all places Google is taking over decision making and how advertisers must decide whether to do things on their own or let the system decide.



1. Here’s a script to stop ads from showing next to offensive videos

Frederick Vallaeys shares the script to identify low quality videos that your ad is showing for and might be the content you would not wish to be associated with

youtube adwords script


2. Why Google Shopping Yields Smaller Orders, and Why That Might Be Okay

Data shows that though PLAs and text ads roughly account for equal search ad traffic share, the average order value is found to be lower for PLAs than text ads. Andy Taylor discusses why and what should you do about it.


3. This Video Answers Your Burning Attribution Questions

Here is the webinar where Brad Geddes and Bjorn Espenes discuss about attribution management, how to choose which attribution model works for your and more.


4. A/B Testing Is Alive and Well

Melissa Mackey shares her outlook on whether A/B testing approach to test your ad message testing is outdated or not and why it might not be the best decision to let Google pick your winning ad for you.

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Tracking the source of clicks is made easier in Bing Ads by using URL parameters. Much like AdWords, adding the desired parameters to your tracking template captures information about the device type, network, match type, ad group and more.


bing ads search parameters


URL tracking can be setup in 4 different ways, however, in this post we will discuss how to use the tracking template at account level.

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