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Absence of negative keyword can affect campaign performance tremendously while adding negative keywords helps curtail unwanted ad traffic, hence improving performance and better managing your budget.

Amazon ads offers a similar PPC platform structure, peripherally. Getting into the intricate details showcases the minute details that differentiates it from the rest.


So, while Google Ads and Bing Ads lets you add negative keywords in broad, exact and phrase match type, Amazon ads extends only the exact and phrase match type to its negative keywords.


Similarly when it comes to the limits of using negative keywords, each platform has limits specified. In Bing Ads it is the following:

Each ad group or campaign can contain up to 20,000 negative keywords, and each negative keyword can contain a maximum of 100 characters.


And in Google Ads it states the following:
google ads negative keyword limits
And coming to Amazon, here are the limits:

Campaign Negative Keywords 10000
Ad Group Negative Keywords 10000
Negative Keyword Exact Match 10 words or 80 characters
Negative Keyword Phrase Match 4 words or 80 characters


Before beginning with adding negative keywords you might want to know about the available match types and what they mean.


So get started now and make this a mandatory task. Rest, the performance will speak for itself.


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