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The previous month Google rolled out the Expanded Text Ads format to all advertisers and this month Bing Ads has made pilot access for Expanded Text Ads available on request. The new ad format is surely the talk of the town and PPC experts have been sharing their best practices and recommendations to master it.


Aug Top PPC Posts

This and many such interesting PPC posts were published in the month of August. Here’s a recap of the top PPC posts that you must not miss out on.


1. AMA with Belinda Langner, Product Manager at Google

Interesting questions answered by Belinda Langner (Product Manager, Google and working in the Mobile search advertising division, in an AMA session held last week.


2. Be in the know about upcoming Improvements to AdWords Automated Bidding

Google recently announced Smart Bidding for AdWords. Kelsey Hadaller discusses about the new automated bidding strategy that you can make use of to improve campaign performance. Details in this post.

smart bidding statuses


3. Ad Testing: Conversions Per Impression

What is your ad testing deciding metric to finalize on the winning ad? Melissa Mackey discusses one of the way to analyze the ad and that is by using conversions per impression. More about it in this post.


4. A Primer Guide to Why Audience Targeting Should Be Part of Your PPC Efforts

PPC success is directly proportional to the quality audience being reached, hence making audience targeting an important part of the entire process. Lear about how to start with audience targeting and how to expand your audience targeting continually.


5. Expanded Text Ads now available for pilot to all Bing Ads

Have a Bing Ads account for which you wish to enable the Expanded Ads? Sign up to get pilot access for the Expanded Text Ads. Jamie Chung shares the details in this announcement.

bing expanded text ads


6. Google officially throttling Keyword Planner data for low spending AdWords accounts

AdWords users might start noticing limited data in the Keyword planner data. This is a change introduced primarily for accounts with low monthly spend. How limited the information will be, Gregg Finn shares in this post.


7. Providing more transparent Quality Score reporting

Starting September, Google will be rolling out null Quality Score when there aren’t enough data to determine the Quality Score for a keyword. Here is the announcement for the same by Google.


8. Who’s On First? Google’s New Device Bidding Update

Improve your campaign performance by using the AdWords Smart Bidding which helps separate bids for devices. Jenny Hatch elaborates on how to use device bidding more efficiently.

Device Segments


9. How to Test Expanded Text Ads

Brad Geddes shares how to go about testing your expanded text ads and the advantages/ disadvantages of testing ETA vs old text ads, ETA vs ETA. Learn how to adopt this approach in his recent post.


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