Merkle | Digital Marketing Report for Q1 2019 – Highlights

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Merkel recently released their Digital Marketing report for Q1 2019. Google Shopping gained popularity when compared with text ads, impact of Apple’s recent release of ITP 2.1 on audience targeting strategies, Amazon advertising continues to grow where as Facebook faces downside in this regard.

How To Find Negative Keywords For Amazon Ads?

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A lot has already been spoken about Negative Keywords. It’s not a new concept for advertisers. They help to omit those search queries which are not important and focus on the ones which matter to your business. They are also a way to achieve desirable growth and success and helps advertisers to improve their ACoS.

PPCChat | Spring Cleaning For PPC | 16th April 2019

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Hosted by Julie F Bacchini, this week’s PPCChat session discussed about the concept of spring cleaning PPC Accounts, what to do in it and what not do, the kind of Spring Cleaning, Tools to be used for the same and more.

PPC Chat | Pricing Structure | 9th April 2019

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This week’s PPCChat session has focused on Pricing Structure for Paid Search Platforms. Hosted by Julie F Bacchini, this session discussed about different pricing model, aspects of pricing structure and more.