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Missed out on top PPC posts published in the month of July 2020? Here is a quick recap. Three new features on the overview page, Google’s new clickbait policy, New features for smart shopping campaigns, New features and look for responsive search ads and display ads, Quor’s Lead-Gen forms, CCPA roll out, Microsoft is partnering with Shutterstock to provide free access to high-quality, advertising-ready images and more.

Do more on the Overview page with three new features – Overview page is an easy way for you to view a summary of your account performance.  That’s why,Google is introducing three new ways for you to get more done on the Overview page. 

New features on Overview page

Deadline to adopt parallel tracking for Video campaigns extended to March 31, 2021 – Google has extended the migration deadline to adopt parallel tracking for Video campaigns until 31 March 2021.

Expanding our Misrepresentation policy to better address clickbait advertising – Google’s new clickbait policy helps to clarify the types of ads we don’t allow and makes it easier for all advertisers to comply with our policies in the future.

A new look for responsive display ads – As online shopping has become quite popular, Google is improving the look and feel of responsive display ads with new creative layouts, automatically generated video, and more engaging ads to drive online sales.

Grow online sales with new features for Smart Shopping campaigns – As shoppers move online, Smart Shopping campaigns are helping advertisers adapt by optimizing for your goals. Google has made Smart Shopping campaigns better by offering a new goal and more visual ways to stand out from the competition.

Introducing new features for responsive search ads – To help you engage consumers more effectively, Google is introducing new features to make responsive search ads even more relevant and easier to manage.

New features for responsive search ads

Google Ads Editor v1.4: Support for recommendations and local campaigns -Release of Google Ads Editor v1.4 supports recommendations and local campaign.

Release of Google Ads Editor V1.4

Buy on Google is now open and commission-free – Sellers who participate in Buy on Google checkout experience will no longer have to pay a commission fee. Google is also giving retailers more choice by opening its platform to third-party providers—starting with PayPal and Shopify. Learn more in this article written by Bill Ready.

Discover powerful new keywords with Keyword Planner – To get started with your keyword research, Microsoft Advertising has one of the most powerful tools which is Keyword Planner. More insight into this blog post.

Capture High-quality Prospects with Lead Gen Forms – Quora is offering a new way for advertisers to capture prospects who want to learn more about their offering: Lead Gen Forms. Get more insight in this blog post.

Lead Gen Forms for advertisers to capture prospects who want to learn more about their offering

Introducing: Instagram Shop and Facebook Pay – Instagram has launched new feature called “Instagram Shop” which helps people to discover and shop the brands and products they love.

Stand out with free high-quality visuals available for image ads – To help find the right images for the campaigns, Microsoft is partnering with Shutterstock to provide free access to over 320 million high-quality, advertising-ready images for use in Microsoft Advertising. Barry Schwartz shed more light on the same in his searoundtable blog post.

CCPA Roll-Out Causes Havoc for Facebook Advertisers – An informative blog post by Susan Wenograd explaining the effect of CCPA Roll Out on Facebook and Instagram Ads.

Merkle | Q2 2020 Digital Marketing Report | Key Highlights – Merkle has released its Digital Marketing Report for Quarter 2, 2020 last week. Let’s find some of the key findings from the report in this blog post.

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