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Greetings and welcome to the May 2023 edition of PPC News. This month brought numerous feature updates from the Google Marketing Live event. Some of these updates include the introduction of Generative AI in Search and Performance max campaigns, the implementation of new brand restrictions for broad match, the unveiling of AI solutions tailored for retailers to achieve profitable growth, and much more. We have compiled a comprehensive summary of these announcements and more in this post.

Announcements From Google Marketing Live 2023

New features in Display & Video 360:- Google has introduced fresh avenues to engage with valuable customers through Display & Video 360. By incorporating AI-powered audience solutions, privacy-safe technology, and new digital and TV reports, they have enhanced the ability to connect with new and existing customers more efficiently and privacy-consciously.

Accelerate growth with your app:-87% of retailers and 82% of eCommerce companies acknowledge that their app users exhibit higher loyalty and lifetime value than non-users. In light of this, Google has unveiled various methods to facilitate shopping for new and existing consumers through app ads. These include app campaigns, web-to-app connections, and on-device conversion measurement, among others.

Improve your measurement foundation to drive better business outcomes:-By improving its measurement foundation, Google is making it easier to manage first-party data, achieve more out of Google Analytics 4 audiences and insights, and seamlessly update the conversion values to drive better results.

Enhance YouTube campaigns with Google AI and suitability solutions:- Engaging with customers on YouTube has become effortless. 80% of viewers recognize YouTube as the platform that offers the broadest range of video content. With Google’s innovative AI-powered solutions, there are now fresh opportunities to enhance creative assets and launch video campaigns that deliver impactful results.

Increase sales with innovations designed specifically for retailers:-Google has developed AI solutions specifically tailored for retailers to achieve profitable growth. In the upcoming months, Google aims to seamlessly integrate Search and Shopping ads into AI-powered snapshot and conversational modes, alongside introducing new formats that utilize generative AI to generate relevant and high-quality ads.

Multiply your results with Search and Performance Max campaigns:-To make search and Performance Max campaigns better, Google has released new features like conversational experience, generative AI, improved automatically created assets, new brand restrictions for broad match and more.

More Feature Updates From Other PPC Platforms

Introducing the AI Sandbox for advertisers and expanding our Meta Advantage suite:-For over a decade, AI and machine learning have held a significant role in fueling Meta’s apps and services. Meta’s AI sandbox will serve as a testing ground for early iterations of new tools and features, including ad tools powered by generative AI. The enhanced Meta advantage will provide advertisers with greater flexibility in their creatives, allowing them to gauge the effectiveness of their strategies more effectively.

Introducing new website insights for Universal Event Tracking Tag:-Microsoft Advertising has recently launched UET Insights, which brings valuable benefits to advertisers utilizing existing UET tags. With the UET tag, advertisers can unlock many features, including conversion tracking, remarketing, and automated bidding strategies. By leveraging additional data signals, UET Insights empowers advertisers to enhance the value of their UET by gaining valuable visibility into web traffic insights, leading to improved campaign performance.

Roku collaboration and other product updates for May:- The latest product updates from Microsoft Advertising for the month of May introduce a plethora of new features. These include collaborations such as Roku + Microsoft, the addition of an Asset Library, the availability of code-free conversions for smart campaigns, the introduction of change history for campaign-level conversions, and much more.

Evolving and Expanding Ads on Reels:-In the previous year, Facebook initiated testing of Facebook Reels as a means for creators to monetize their content. Now, Facebook is enhancing and broadening the scope of the Ads on Reels test, enabling a greater number of creators to monetize their captivating reels and earn money from their efforts.

Amazon working on AI tools to generate videos, images for advertisers:-In the near future, Amazon advertisers might have the opportunity to generate AI-generated images and video assets for utilization in their ad campaigns. This advancement will prove beneficial for Amazon advertisers as it will enhance their product listings, ultimately resulting in increased sales and improved ROI within the platform.

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