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We have been stressing enough on the importance of negative keywords enough! So, we decided to put together a comprehensive negative keywords list to add to your Google Ads account.

We have segregated the list basis categories like:

  • Deals
  • Education
  • Health
  • Jobs
  • Research & Resource
  • Software
  • Travel etc.

Of these categories you can select the ones that you wish to exclude from your your targeting and add them to your Google Ads account. Doing this will block all these terms from showing your ad and you will end up saving on your ad spend BIG-TIME!

A gentle reminder : Be sure to cross-check before adding them as negative keywords. You don’t want to end up blocking a potential term for which you want to display your ads.

So here is the list!

**Clicking on this link will make a copy of this file on Google Sheets.

There is a recommendations sheet that we have created, where you can add terms that you would want us to add in the list. We would be delighted with your inputs!

You could also give our Negative Keywords Tool a try. It helps you identify irrelevant terms that are wasting your ad budget. Also, we are offering our tool for FREE for Google Ads accounts with a monthly spend up to $10,000

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