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Negative keywords list is a simpler way to list down common negative keywords that can be shared between more than one campaign.

Here we will draw a quick comparison on what options does Microsoft Ads Editor and Google Ads Editor have to offer.


In Microsoft Ads Editor you can get to do the following


Create a new negative keyword list

add new negative keyword list Microsoft advertising editor


Add new negative keywords to an existing negative keywords list or edit an existing negative keyword from a list

add negative keywords to list bing ads editor


new negative keywords add to list


Associate or disassociate the lists to a campaign 

You can either go the campaign and assign/ remove the negative keyword list form there or go to the shared negative keywords in the shared library > edit the list and select the campaigns to which you wish to link it with or remove the campaigns from the list

new negative keyword list bing editor


View the negative keywords/ campaigns associated with a list

You have the option to view the details of your negative keyword list. As you can see in the image above, at the bottom of the screenshot ‘View and Edit’ option is available. Clicking on it will give you the details you want


Remove the Negative Keyword List from your account

You can remove the list from your account by clicking on the delete icon at the top menu bar



In Google Ads Editor, you can do the following:


Associate or Disassociate the negative keywords list to your campaign

google ads editor associate negative keyword lists


select negative keywords list to campaign


Remove the Negative Keyword List from your account

You can remove the list from your account by clicking on the remove icon at the top menu bar. For creating a new negative keyword list, you need to use the Google Ads interface to do the rest.



Here is a recap of the list of action items available with each of these Ads Editors

negative keyword list action items google ads editor vs microsoft ads editor

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