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Negative keywords in apple search ads (like other paid search platforms) helps restrict your ad from showing for unwanted search terms. Using negative keywords improves your ad’s performance plus reduces cost incurred on irrelevant terms.

In Apple Search Ads, negative keywords can be assigned two match types: Broad Match & Exact Match. More or less they behave similar to the match types (by the same name) on Google Ads. In this post, we will delve into what these match types are and the range of search queries that they help in blocking

Apple Search Ads Negative Keyword Match Types

Broad Match: Using this match type will not show your ad for all words and phrases that are present in the negative keyword. For example if your negative keyword in broad match type is buy curling iron then it will block your ad for search terms such as where to buy curling iron, best curling iron to buy but not for search terms such as curling iron, how to curl with curling iron etc.

Exact Match: Using exact match type will ensure that your ad doesn’t show for the exact word or phrase. For example, the negative keyword running shoes will only block your ad for the search term running shoes but not for search terms such as evening running shoes, kid’s running shoes etc.

Understanding Close Variants in Apple Search Ads

Like Google Ads, Apple Search Ads negative keyword match types don’t block your ad from misspellings or plurals and synonyms. Consider adding close variants as negative keywords, if you want to block the term altogether.

Here are the close variants of the negative keyword ‘brown boot‘ :

Understanding Apple Search Ads Negative Keyword with Examples

In this post we will explain how the negative keyword match types behave. For each negative keyword example, we have tabulated results for select search queries

Example 1 : Racing Cars

Example 2: Stroller

Example 3: Coffee Table

Example 4: Sneaker shoes men

Great! now you know how to block your apple search ads from showing for certain search terms. Here are a few things that emphasizes on the importance of negative keywords

1. You restrict your ad from showing for search terms that are not related to your application. Any click received from such search queries are wasted clicks

2. It helps you target your ads better. Your bidded keywords along with negative keywords will lead you to bid on the right terms

3. You save your budget as irrelevant terms are blocked and only relevant terms are invested for

4. You improve the chances of receiving valuable click on your ad, as you are investing on the right set of keywords that are relevant to your business

Get started with negative keywords and start saving!

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