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Negative keywords is an absolute necessity for every paid search campaign that you are running. It takes you one step forward in reaching out to the right segment of audience.

Here is a quick primer on negative keywords and its match types

So, you have added the negative keywords to your account, what’s next? Here are some of the recurring tasks that you must undertake in order to ensure that your negative keywords are working towards achieving your campaign goals.

1) Review your search query report – To keep your negative keywords updated, you must often check your search query report for such unwanted terms.

2) Use negative keywords list – Creating negative keywords list helps organizing common negative keywords that are shared in multiple campaigns or ad groups.

3) Use the right match type – To optimize a negative keyword from blocking the right search queries, requires using the right match type for your negative keyword. For e.g., if you do not wish to show for search terms as buy sugar free juice for free or free sugar free juice, adding free as a broad match negative keyword will block all relevant search queries from showing your ad. In this case it is better to add the entire search query as an exact or phrase match negative keyword.

4) Review existing negative keywords – Check if any existing negative keyword is restricting a relevant ad from showing. In such a case, you might want to remove the negative keyword or alter its match type to avoid it from restricting a relevant search query.

5) Where you are adding negative keywords – A negative keyword will be effective only if it is added at the right campaign/ ad group. For example, you have bidded on a keyword ‘coconut cookies’ and also added ‘coconut cookies’ as negative keywords. This will result in blocking the ad instead of showing it for the keyword.

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