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The PPCChat session for this week revolved around the Google Marketing Live Event that took place on May 23rd, 2023. It was an engaging discussion where experts shared their live perspectives on the latest updates and announcements. In this recap post, we have documented the reactions of PPCers during the session.

More information can be found on Google’s official New Features & Announcement weblink.

Artificial Intelligence is Generative

Generative AI will come to automatically created assets later this year. ACA draws from the text on your landing pages & other ads in your account to create additional relevant assets. With GenAI, assets can align with a customer’s query even more closely. @adsliaison

@NeptuneMoon AI mentioned already! @JuliaVyse

oooooh. the AI is gEneRAtIvE…@JuliaVyse

AI is already in the preshow…@NeptuneMoon

Wow, so GA4 is now an AI product? @NeptuneMoon

All about AI and privacy so far. @beyondthepaid

Google wants to be our “trusted partner” for AI. @NeptuneMoon

Google AI – will be “privacy first” @NeptuneMoon

AI-powered campaigns as a way of managing a complex customer journey. Claim of turning marketing into profit centre? oh, with PMax.@JuliaVyse

Set your goal, set your budget, and let Google do the rest. Um, no @beyondthepaid

AI-generated ads. What will the beta be? Being able to add your personal options or NOT being able to add your personal options?? @TheMarketingAnu

OMG AI-generated images coming to PMax? @NeptuneMoon

I wish Google would use more #B2B examples when presenting new features and showing how AI will work. @revaminkoff

I won’t lie, I’ve really been enjoying generative AI tools lately – Midjourney, GPT, etc – so the fact that it’s coming to Google Ads doesn’t bother me. It can be a huge benefit for agencies/advertisers. As long as we can still have control. @gilgildner

2009 PPC Skills: keyword research 2016 PPC Skills: scripts and device segmentation 2024(?) PPC Skills: AI prompts?? @PPCKirk

AI-powered lookalike segments – now that I can get behind! @JuliaVyse

And yet… Google Ads is not geared for SMBs. It’s clear that they think all the AI assists will change that. @NeptuneMoon

So you’re saying AI will be important in #GoogleAds?… Shocking. @ScottOmiller

Retailers should “take advantage of the power of AI” to be ready for holiday 2023. @NeptuneMoon

Hey, Google believes AI is an incredibly powerful business multiplier. (You might not have heard. And guess what? Google’s AI works best when you share your data with it! @NeptuneMoon

The major emphasis should be cleaning up the conversion data as Google continues to drink more AI juice. No focus on how to provide cleaner and better conversion data other than mentioning the words “first-party data” or “qualified leads”. @ppcnitish

“If you use the AI you can get higher ad strength scores.” Which are pretty meaningless. @NeptuneMoon

Ok, they just reiterated that their LLM is “trained on Ads data.” Who’s Ads data is it being trained on? Are advertisers giving permission for their data to be used for the benefit of other advertisers? I would like an actual answer on this. @NeptuneMoon

IMO, anyone using Google Ads’ AI strategies, like Performance Max, is paying Google to train Google’s AI. Our money in exchange for poor-performing campaigns & subsidized AI training for Google. @paulpedersen

Google’s AI still needs the website to create copy for these AI ads. Human input is still required, this isn’t full auto-pilot (not that I would trust it even if it was supposed to be). @pixsym

Hot take: everyone using AI-generated copy/ads will end up with similar or duplicate ad copy. People who don’t will have a better chance of getting conversions. @N8Louis

Conversational Ad Creation

The first look at a Bard-shaped SERP: “Search ads will continue to appear in dedicated ad slots throughout the page” @PPCKirk

20+ new ads product launches???? @NeptuneMoon

The conversational ad creation experience starting to test in July. Generative AI will come to auto-created assets this year as well. @NeptuneMoon

Conversational Experience reminds me of all the examples I’ve seen of people trying to make PPC campaigns using ChatGPT. @marketingsoph

If we maintain final control over the product, I honestly love the idea of AI-supported ad creation based on conversational prompts. @PPCKirk

Are they talking about shopping ads? Google can help us to remove the background? Wow! @1tagupta

Simplifying data integrations in the ads platform to make it more seamless. @JuliaVyse

Appereance of YouTube Shorts, Video View Campaign & Lookalike Audiences

First appearance of YouTube Shorts! 50 Million daily views for Shorts stat trotted out. @NeptuneMoon

How many people in #ppcchat have watched a YouTube Short both by choice and realized it, at the same time? @JonKagan

YouTube Shorts average 50B Views per day. @PPCKirk

I am constantly looking for ways to avoid #shorts As a Gen Z, heck no. I would definitely not want to watch things that are not relevant but shorts are an addiction to our attention. Plus ads on Shorts go swiped. The audiences are not relevant there. @1tagupta

Video View campaigns – all in one YT incl shorts @JuliaVyse

Video view campaigns beta coming… charged cost per view basis. @NeptuneMoon

Demand Gen campaigns – YT, Discovery, Gmail. @JuliaVyse

Lookalike audiences coming to YouTube campaigns. @NeptuneMoon

Tools to help create video assets across formats/orientations is a positive. Particularly for smaller biz that struggle to produce any kind of video content. @NeptuneMoon

YouTube Ads is one Tiktok ban from success here. @runnerkik

Privacy & Agile Budgeting

Hey yo! “Privacy safe way” enters the conversation! @NeptuneMoon

Get your privacy policies in order people. Sharing your customer data is going to get pushed even harder. @NeptuneMoon

Agile budget? uh oh @JuliaVyse

First time hearing “agile budgeting” – at least for me for G Ads? @NeptuneMoon

Performance Max enters the conversation! Delivers highest performing campaign. Cause the are AGILE. I think we found a theme word! @NeptuneMoon

Performance Max Campaings

I’m encouraged by hearing in #GML2023 that PMax campaigns serve as a “complement” to parallel Search campaigns. This reinforces by standing theory that *well-built* Search (branded + non-brand) & Shopping campaigns beat out PMax placements. @teabeeshell

The new Product Studio will be a game-changer in terms of customizing and A/B testing creative in Shopping & PMax campaigns. Photo shoots & existing creative libraries may no longer be a rate-limiting factor for visual asset optimizations. @teabeeshell

Re: PMax is “like” a black box (it is a black box, but whatever) “Your marketing budget can’t be left to chance” Excuse me, but there are professional PPC marketers who take issue with not using PMax to “leaving it up to chance” @NeptuneMoon

New PMax asset & image creation flow: Just enter your URL to create customized, relevant assets. It’ll also be able to suggest images created just for your business. And you can ask it to generate more images based on what you want. @adsliaison

Google Merchant Center

There’s (finally) the official Google Merchant Center Next announcement! @PPCKirk

Merchant Centre Next – manual uploads are going away. so your unpublished new product had better be on your website ready to go! @JuliaVyse

Feedless Merchant Center is a pretty cool idea. Probably best for super small e-commerce stores who can’t figure out product feeds? @gilgildner

How can retailers stand out with AI tools? Product details, Shipping, Returns, Loyalty, and Reviews. All need to be in the merchant center. @NeptuneMoon

Google Merchant Center Next is gradually rolling out – Automatically connect product info from your website – No need to manually upload a feed – Get insights on best sellers on Google + pricing benchmarks – More features to come. @adsliaison

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