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Hosted by Duane Brown, this week’s PPCChat session was focused on the wish list for a Snapchat platform, Have experts run SnapAds for other industries apart from ecom, Has creative been a roadblock and more.


Q1. Have you started to run Snap Ads… why or why not?


Have not yet started running them, but I’ve pitched it to a number of clients and potential clients. Expect to get them running in Q2. @CJSlattery

I haven’t because I don’t have many younger demographics. (excited to learn something!) @MaverickAdverts

We have but are scaling back. @JonKagan

I can chime in on this one. The brands I’ve been working with are 35+ age demographics and I haven’t found a need to use Snap ads so far. But I’m feeling the momentum between Duane and @social_savannah Sanchez’s latest pushes. @RyBen3

I haven’t, not a lot of our clients have been interested in running snapchat. @jord_stark

Ya I’ve tested it a few times for some B2C brands. It was okay. Also, other platforms did better & threw budget in that direction (more so than it just sucked). I do know a lot of marketers that use it and see some great returns. @timmhalloran

We are running Snap Ads now at @GrooveLife_ . Loving leveraging for remarketing and being omnipresent to consumers, still haven’t quite got enough data/insights on how to fully leverage as a growth channel. @BryantGarvin


Q2. This is a semi Q2 but… Beyond ecom, have you ran Snap Ads for other industries? I have only done ecom…. so curious if anyone has tried something else.


Reddit most recently. Love the sub-reddit targeting. Can get really niche audiences. @timmhalloran

Shamefully we ran it for health insurance. A client directive cause they wanted to be edgy and had some extra $ to spend. @JonKagan


Q3. Has getting creative been a roadblock? How are you getting around it?


Creative has always been imperative with advertising. If you can’t do that, you should consider another career. @MaverickAdverts

Is getting creative ever not a roadblock? That has actually been one of the biggest concerns when I’ve pitched Snapchat is the “Ugh, we have to do MORE creative now?” @CJSlattery

This is our biggest issue right now… funny enough it’s usually money. Pro Tip: Use the Snap app to film a video and use the native tools for text overlay…etc. Then export your video and reupload into ad manager as a video. BOOM you have a UCG looking ad. @duanebrown

We are repurposing a lot of our Stories creative from Facebook to run in Snap Ads Tweaking some things, but it has been working for the most part for now Having an internal team of designers and video people helps. @BryantGarvin

Considering everything is starting to go towards story format, it’s nice to have assets you can use for multiple channels. But definitely, finding bandwidth and capacity to have a constant stream of creative is a big part of it. Let alone, testing it. @timmhalloran


Q4. What ad formats or channels/placements are you finding work? Channels = Snap Ads vs Story Ads. Think of those two as FB and IG….in that ads on one does not get you ads in Story placement for example. Little known secret


This is one of our stories ads we took from Facebook/IG and plugged in to start testing on Snap and it has performed well! Also really unique to begin with. @BryantGarvin

No idea yet. Would love to hear how you’re making the segmentation work for your clients though! @CJSlattery

We go heavy in Snap and Story placement as our creative works there for a SF DTC brand. Plus we do tons of remarketing on the platform. @duanebrown

IG Stories are still outperforming any other story or snap ad format/channel for us. Feed is still the big winner for everything else on social. @timmhalloran


Q5. How is performance compared to other paid social channels… FB/IG/Pinterest? A few people mentioned this to start the chat but some people may have missed their answers


No Answers


Q6. Any wish list for the Snap ad platform?


You could make custom events based on URL 2. Saved custom columns worked like FB or Google 3. I’m sure I’m missing something… @duanebrown

I wish they had more educational materials and information on selling it to clients. I haven’t been able to find any sort of CPM data or other tools for selling it to clients. The best Snap stuff I’ve found has been stuff like you Snap guide @CJSlattery


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