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This week’s PPCChat session was hosted by Bryant Garvin and the discussion was about YouTube advertising, role of YouTube ads in marketing strategy, favorite targeting options and more.

Q1 How many of you are running YouTube campaigns today?


Yes to running YouTube Ads. What else ya got @amyppc

sadly no.@mindswanppc

Yes but unfortunately they’re not very cost efficient by direct response standards. @SEM_PPC_MattV

We do. But we would love to get some more clients that are interested in video-advertising. @StephanieErne

I have some clients who do YouTube campaigns for their brands. @lchasse

Running lead gen campaigns on YouTube. @bufoting


Q2 In your opinion what is the role of YouTube ads? Where do they fit in marketing strategy? And yes I said the S word… we need to think that way more


Building a brand, building awareness and staying on top of mind. People go to YouTube to watch videos, not sign up for your demo. Give them engaging content to help them remember your brand. @MilwaukeePPC

YT ads are great for STORYTELLING. Introducing your brand to your audience w audio + visual > text ad they overlook. @amyppc

GREat for brand awareness and introductions to your product/services. @LeadForensics

YT ads are great for upper funnel / awareness / engagement. @Mel66

Brand building and nurturing. I like to think of tthe nurturing side as the newsletter that always gets in your inbox but you never read. But this is much more powerful! @markpgus

Now mostly as contributing to the brand identity trough remarketing. Strengthening the brands position in the mind of the prospect. @StephanieErne

The role really depends on the goals the client has. The videos need to be created with those goals in mind. Sales, awareness, etc… @lchasse

Brand awareness and recall, YouTube ads are interruptive and can help you launch your brand into new markets and audiences. They sit alongside prospecting for me, feeding the top of funnel. Then secondary use would be nurturing. @scright

Depends on your clients’ objectives. I have some for brand awareness, remarketing, education of a product/service, and one that drives a TON of calls for a lawyer.@mitchlunceford

I’m late to answer so probably being redundant but building an initial audience, brand building, reinforcing a message or bring a brand back to top of mind. @DarthSamK

Primarily it’s to reinforce brand awareness and retention to us, but we have started using it to drive store visits to brick and mortar clients. @JonKagan


Q3 What Percentage of YouTube spend goes towards Top Of Funnel vs Bottom of Funnel aka Prospecting vs Remarketing?


For my current clients we’re using YouTube for almost all top of funnel brand awareness to new customers. Then we use the engagement and earned action metrics to create audiences to use for next-step remarketing campaigns. @MilwaukeePPC

“It’s Complicated” – when we run YouTube ads to people who have already visited the site, bought from us, they are VERY likely to buy again. Is it fair to give the credit to the ad? Google thinks so. @amyppc

I would say I am doing about 70% top of funnel and 30% bottom of funnel. @lchasse

Since my clients use YT for branding mostly, the majority of budget goes toward top funnel. But once we nurture the relationship, we shift some budget to lower funnel (or spend more money on that. @anna_arrow

This is again very client specific for me as we put 80% of the budget targeting top of funnel. The Facebook retargeting campaigns we run proved much better for measurable success, so we only have 20% of the YouTube budget on remarketing. @scright

For me It depends on the brands goals for growth but generally I try to skew heavier top of funnel. The brands that we have done rapid growth with generally run 60-70%+ top of funnel with certain seasons shifting that (think Black Friday) @BryantGarvin

Do we get to use fun acronyms?!? TOFU: 64.3% BOFU: 35.7% Sourced from my brain, right now. @Wickerpedia

Almost entirely top of funnel. Some remarketing but very limited. @Mel66

About 80% goes to prospecting, as our remarketing lists arent huge. @JonKagan


Q4 If you are running Top of Funnel YouTube do you run it in the same account as your search? Why or why not?


Yes, for ease and access to remarketing audiences.@Mel66

I still do for convenience. But I know why runs it separately. Shame on me.. @MilwaukeePPC

Yeah because it’s easier and I haven’t ever dumped big money in the platform… but your trick for measurement is. @markpgus

Yes, I use it in the same account. Always open to criticism or suggestions if that is not the best practice. This old dog is always open to new tricks.@lchasse

Here is where some learning comes in my minions (in this instance should I change from #PPCDictator to ?) Google has an attribution problem. Attribution is ONLY available on Search and Shopping on  @BryantGarvin

So what this means… If you are running a YouTube TOF campaign User behavior on YouTube is much different than say Facebook User went to to do ONE THING Watch the video AFTER Your ad! If they choose to engage with your ad and watch that’s a WIN!  So that means consumers are very UNLIKELY to click on your YouTube ad and visit your site. But what they will do if you make a big enough impact… they will search for your brand after when they aren’t consuming cat videos. this leads me to my favorite account setup for brand partners we work with They create an MCC/Manager Account Maintain their current Search & Remarketing campaign (in MCC) Share remarketing Audiences to MCC Create Separate YouTube Top of Funnel account. @BryantGarvin

Yes in the same account as search ads – the why is because I’m not aware of the benefits to splitting them apart into separate accounts. I await the truthbomb…@scright

Yes I run them in the same account, but I’m excited/open to hearing someone blow my mind as to why I shouldn’t. @DarthSamK

Would not have thought about running it in a separate account. Curious to why from you guys. @StephanieErne

Yes, but in standalone campaigns to better control budget. @JonKagan

Depends on budget scenario. Ideally keep in same acct for easier audience utilization. But sometimes need a separate acct to safely manage separate budget. @SEM_PPC_MattV

I always have . . . should I not do that? @jdprater


Q5 What are your favorite targeting options for YouTube?


Right now it’s custom intent audiences, but I’m scared what’s going to happen when they merge with custom affinity. Life events are working fantastic for my clients right now when the industry is applicable. @MilwaukeePPC

We targeted competitor actual search terms with YouTube ads and managed to get a 3:1 ROI. @amyppc

Custom Intent but at GML they talked about merging it with custom affinity right? So RIP that efficiency…@markpgus

Depending on how granular a client wants to be we may target specific videos or channels. Life events and custom intent are also great ways to target. @lchasse

My favourite is Youtube Channel targeting, not that it brings great results but it’s my favourite for going down the rabbit hole of research. Most successful is Custom Intent. @scright

Custom Intent has worked well for me so far. Not so much success with custom affinity but (as always) depends on the brand/industry – I could see it working with some. @DarthSamK

My Favorite Bar None is Custom Intent Targeting What other platforms let you target people who have SEARCHED for specific things in the last 30 days AND not pay exorbitant CPCs. @BryantGarvin

My other favorite is when our ads are serving to the kids of our audience, and YT doesn’t recognize or care that’s an issue. Oh wait…@amyppc

I have not done enough testing yet to set something as a favourite. I’m still in the phase that my eyes light up if theres’s budget and interest in advertising on YouTube. @StephanieErne

I love custom combinations overlayed with demographics, it makes me feel like big brother. @JonKagan

My second favorite is targeting competitors YouTube Channels Not a ton of volume but MAN is it fun to run a Purple ad in front of say a Casper video because they forgot to turn off monetization. if using Custom Affinity i HIGHLY recommend only setting up audiences using URLS Those performed amazing for me! And even though Google says they “look like” people who visits those sites… I have my doubts  @BryantGarvin


Q6 Are you more or less likely to run more campaigns after the chat today?


More – We’ve seen good results but it’s great hearing from other successful peers + reaffirming what we’re using YT for. A few good ideas to test out too! @DarthSamK

It’s reinvigorated my desire to run YouTube ads beyond the ones I currently have, the chat has given me some good ideas on how to sell the value again. Also got a few things to test in the current campaigns! @scright

The same. If you don’t want to do video ads then I don’t want to work on your account. Hahahahahahaha. But I’m serious. @MilwaukeePPC

I mean technically more, but I am not sure if you hurt or helped. @JonKagan

I learned a lot, but probably still the same amount. Although my eyes are more open (attribution issues). Also, never get on ‘s bad side. @lchasse

For now, about the same. But leaving the session with more knowledge than when I entered! Thanks everyone! @SEM_PPC_MattV

More likely of course. @StephanieErne


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