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This week’s PPCChat session was driven by Bryant Garvin, Cory Henke and Joe Martinez where they satisfied PPCers queries regarding benefits of YouTube Advertising,Best way to do lead generation with YouTube,B2B on YouTube and more.


Q1: What are three of YouTube Advertisings biggest benefits?


Consistent, FREE advertising. 2. The reach with an engaging ad format. 3. The custom targeting options. @MilwaukeePPC

We are seeing longer view times than social ads. @elevatedmrktng

1) free advertising 2) high intent targeting 3) blue ocean with so few advertisers competing. @BryantGarvin

1.Targeting – reach small and large audiences both at scale with video. 2. Cost-Effective long form and short form, no limit on ad length. 3. Placements – TrueView, Non-skippable (:15) and bumper ads, to name a few, all very different in tactic & strategy. @coryhenke

1.Custom affinity audiences let you target on the micro while maximizing reach. 2. Free views you get from the fee structure. 3. Average mobile watch time on YouTube is over 40 minutes, people are there to watch. Which means the branding and education can’t be beat. 4. Sequencing of ad units can tell a brand story and increase ad recall. @jessesem

1.Custom Affinity (oh wait screw you Google) 2. Free Ads 3. The exploratory nature of users. @markpgus

1. Better consumer qualification, 2. Stretching my video content to them “millennials” 3. Able to get more creative, with my creative. @JonKagan

We are seeing longer view times than social ads. The average mobile viewing session lasts more than 40 minutes. @elevatedmrktng

The reach is pretty awesome. Plus video can be super creative and fun medium.@duanebrown


Q2: For an advertiser with no video assets and no experience on YouTube, what campaign type/ad type/targeting would you suggest they use to start? (help them avoid common errors you see). @robert_brady


I would introduce a video ad in your Facebook campaign or add a video to the responsive or dynamic display ads in gdn. Start with TrueView and a lower-funnel campaign type focused on conversions. Ad type, as long-form as possible because you can always cut to smaller variations for testing. Target your best customers first (those who have engaged on web, platform, or searched. @coryhenke

I would start with what kind of video are we making first then match the audience. @elevatedmrktng

1) Use site visitor remarketing as a starting point. Then start running custom intent (while it lasts separate) targeting high buyer intent keywords!  @BryantGarvin

Start with an “About Us” video. It’s evergreen and can help define what the rest of your video content will be. @erics_content

30 second skippables, gets the best bang for the buck.  @JonKagan 


Q3: Can you do B2B on YT?  @30yearsajew


Yes but understand your sales length. If you have a 6 month intro to close path. Please don’t show users the same video for 6 !@#$-ing months. You need to map out the user journey and update your videos (And CTA extensions) to match the journey. @MilwaukeePPC

Absolutely. With a smaller audience to target, there is difficulty, but targeting options like search, eng. retargeting based on video view completion rate or earned views for a user watching more video on your page would be key B2B indicators for me while testing. @coryhenke

B2B on YouTube – run testimonials or case study videos to your remarketing audiences. @eld3000

Absolutely no one is excluded here. It’s all about your video content and targeting for me. @elevatedmrktng

Absolutely, businesses are run by people who use Google and YouTube to solve their problems. You can also use videos to help explain things that would require far too much reading. You can also use a personal video to introduce yourself to clients. @erics_content

If there is ever an audience for something, then YT can be done and can work for it. @JonKagan

With custom intent audiences (while they last), remarketing, customer match, and certain life events, YouTube can work for any industry. But you also have to be willing to potentially test different creative to find what engages with viewers the best @MilwaukeePPC

You absolutely can do #Youtube targeting #B2B especially leveraging Custom intent targeting highly relevant keywords Or doing placement targeting similar channels and direct youtube video targeting. @BryantGarvin

Counterpoint – it is not as ubiquitous that people of different generations are on YT as much as “business people also waste time on FB”. The only YT I see is what my kiddo watches on my account…@NeptuneMoon


Q4: What’s the best way to do lead generation with YouTube? @Mel66


Honestly #YouTube is all about creating that intent/interest from consumers and #B2B The same principles apply, just rememember most consumers/business people do NOT click directly from an ad to do lead gen or purchase They will go search for your brand. @BryantGarvin

Answer a FAQ or a frequently searched question. @erics_content

Get them to your website, CTA’s are a must in the video and on the add. Build funnels per usual marketing. @elevatedmrktng

All about lookalike/similar audiences based off lead converters. @JonKagan

Click Types IMO. You can have the best lead gen video in the world, but if you don’t provide a user a call to action or a way for them to become a lead, I believe this is a loss I see too often. Click types are CTA overlays, Cards, End Screens, and more. @coryhenke

We have seen video do really well for our Australian client. Some if our cheapest CPA are off YouTube. Have to get them to click to your site…make them want to click. @duanebrown


Q5: How can smaller advertisers (in the grand scheme of YT thresholds) get some momentum going  @ferkungamaboobo


Start with remarketing or customer match first. Figure out what your BOF users engage with the most. Then use the best creative to expand to custom audiences focused around converting keywords, converting queries, competitors names to still stay specific. @MilwaukeePPC

Tight/specific audience targeting, 30 second (not 15) skippable ad units, and get heavy on audience segmentation, and realize you’re only doing this to build your other audience lists. @JonKagan

Consistency and self-promotion. Creating videos doesn’t mean anyone will see them. You need to promote them on your site, social media, emails, etc… Then, once you start getting an audience, consistent uploads will keep your audience engaged. @erics_content

@MilwaukeePPC helped pull together a great list of excluding kids toy unboxing videos. That is a must to all efforts. @JonKagan

Remember ALL your competition is likely running #Facebook ads, yet very few are running on #youtube that means you can really grab attention where you competitors are not running ads. Start with #Remarketing then do very low funnel non-brand search custom intent.  @BryantGarvin

First step is starting and getting a video complete regardless of size. Next, run those small dollars, but most importantly analyze the results. People see the ad on YouTube and take action, just most are not directly attributable. GA, Search Trends, FB attribution. @coryhenke


Q6: Is there a particular client/time someone would not recommend a YT campaign? @DarthSamk


Would not rec. it for most advertisers just starting out. Would more rec. FB or Google Search. For any advertiser just starting out, I want them to see the conv., understand CPA & ROAS, then expand to YouTube and others. Creative plays a big role in this decision. @coryhenke

It’s a lot harder if your industry can’t use audiences in Google. If you fall under the personalized advertising violation you’re really going to have to broaden your reach. >> (link: )  @MilwaukeePPC

If they don’t have the funds to build videos? @elevatedmrktng

You have a phone in your pocket. You got the funds. @MilwaukeePPC

I honestly believe that everyone can leverage #YouTube even if all you are doing is remarketing videos. Be #omnipresent especially if people are already engaging with your brand/products This was one of the keys to Purple’s growth. @BryantGarvin

When DR is a focus, and awareness isn’t, and you aren’t looking at a long range (ie more than 14 days) sales cycle. @JonKagan

1) everyone looks at #Youtube as ONLY a big huge brand awareness play But unless you are limited by being able to retarget because you are in a restricted business type then $5 a day can make an impact. @BryantGarvin


Q7: Are there any good competitor research/spy tools for YT ads?  @DavidMelamed


It’s funny how many companies don’t leave their video ad variations unlisted on YouTube. A lot of times you can just go to their channel and see exactly what they’re advertising. @MilwaukeePPC


Q8: What are some resources (besides following you all on Twitter) that you recommend for learning about YouTube Advertising? @NeptuneMoon


Other resources? @MilwaukeePPC

Blogs to follow, other people on Twitter to follow, presentation decks to download, etc. @NeptuneMoon

Bad joke on my end. TBH I learned everything from these guys and being heads down in this channel for many clients for years. Each account is going to be different. I love video so I even paid to run my own stuff just because it was fun. @MilwaukeePPC


Q9: If a client had no presence on YT at all, but wanted to start building a presence and advertising, where would you recommend they start? What minimum budget level should they be prepared to spend to get started? @NeptuneMoon


#1 Setup their YouTube Channel as a “Brand” account – so many forget to do this #2 $5 a day spent remarketing to people that have been to the site & purchased even #3 Take top 50 keywords and create a custom intent audience run $5 a day against that. @BryantGarvin

If starting from scratch I’d utilize every other channel you’re using to see which video content is engaging the best and which audiences are seeing those videos. Start with what’s working first and then expand. As for budget I have had small clients using only $5/day. @MilwaukeePPC

Very smart to look at other platforms and see what is working first. I think this is the best strategy. Try to replicate performance on YouTube from other platforms you have history on. No stock for me. User Generated. Face to Camera. Live video if you can. Talk directly to the people and convince them as to why they should invest their time into your product or service. @coryhenke


Q10: If you don’t have creative and you have a low budget… Would you suggest going for UGA or raw type video or stock video with text overlay using something like @Promodotcom ? @markpgus


I don’t see a reason to not do both of those Mark UGC can perform amazing Also simple NowThis style videos which you could create with @Lumenfive can be badass starting places to get you on the platform and engaging users. @BryantGarvin

No stock for me. User Generated. Face to Camera. Live video if you can. Talk directly to the people and convince them as to why they should invest their time into your product or service. @coryhenke

That’s a REALLY good point @coryhenke Test after test has proven out that “someone” talking directly to the audience (close up) performs better than any other style of video on #YouTube People want to engage with people on YouTube. @BryantGarvin 


Q11: How do you persuade client and/ or co-workers to be on camera? I often find they see this as another reason to not choose for video ? @StephanieErne


I would just find coworkers who *do* want to be on camera. There’s always one — some are happier being the face and not the author as well. As for clients — would shift creative to their clients being the heroes of the story. @ferkungamaboobo

I think this is something that is difficult but shouldn’t need persuasion. I Would rather someone want to be on camera vs. forced as the person forced is not going to come off as authentic. Product Lead, CEO, Founder, CMO – all should be good candidates for video.@coryhenke


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