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Greetings, Readers! If you are eager to stay up-to-date with the most recent PPC developments, this is the right spot! Below is the summary of the announcements, notable feature enhancements and PPC advertising data insight that have piqued the interest of industry experts.

Notable Updates from Major PPC Platforms

Google Ads

RSAs are a powerful tool for creating effective search ads that can improve your campaign’s performance. By incorporating catchy headlines, clear descriptions, and eye-catching visuals like images and sitelinks, search ads become more informative and engaging, leading to better user interactions. Google’s upcoming updates will further enhance these features, boosting the overall performance of search ads and how they leverage assets.

Let’s turn our focus from RSAs to Performance Max. It is a relatively new and automated campaign type, designed to simplify your advertising and reach more potential customers. Google is adding new features to help you create better ads, including powerful Gemini technology. It can potentially lead to better click-through rates and conversions for your campaigns. You can think of putting your advertising on autopilot, with Google’s AI steering the wheel based on your goals.

Artificial intelligence has left its mark on Google Analytics 4 as well. Google has dedicated resources to AI-driven insights and improved integration, aiming to provide users with enhanced value at a faster pace. Recent updates aim to make measurements more insightful and supportive, including the incorporation of the Chrome Privacy Sandbox’s Protected Audience API into Google Analytics 4. This integration enables advertisers to obtain comprehensive insights into their expenditures and performance while safeguarding user privacy.

AI in Google Analytics 4

Google’s automation journey doesn’t stop here. A new free tool called “Solutions” helps you manage your campaigns like a pro. Solutions lets you:

  • Generate reports in seconds to track your progress towards your goals.
  • Save time by letting Solutions handle simple tasks for you.
  • With Solutions taking care of the details, you can spend more time on your business strategy.

PPC platforms consistently monitor business performance and requirements, with Google being a prominent example. It can be a powerful tool especially for travel businesses to reach new customers and boost bookings. Since third-party cookies are going away by year-end, more durable strategies are required to grow the business. Google is introducing future-proof solutions for hotels. These solutions include target ROAS (tROAS) bidding for Hotel Campaigns and an expanded Performance Max for travel goals.

While Display & Video 360 (DV360) operates independently from Google Ads, it’s a powerful tool for larger advertisers. They let them manage complex campaigns across multiple channels. This new integration between DV360 and Disney’s ad exchange (DRAX) is exciting news! It will allow advertisers to reach the right people on Disney-owned platforms at the perfect times, quickly and precisely.

Display and DV360 platforms

Microsoft Advertising

Like Google, Microsoft Advertising also looks for new ways to deliver more results with less effort. Performance Max campaign is a relatively new and automated campaign type designed to simplify advertising. Unlike traditional campaigns where you manage placements like Search or Display separately, PMax lets you promote your business with a single campaign across various channels within Microsoft Advertising.

PMax in Microsoft Advertising

Microsoft Advertising’s mission to empower every person and organization on the planet to achieve more has been achieved by Artificial Intelligence. With Copilot, you can get quick answers to your queries, point to relevant articles and simplify complex tasks.

Let’s talk about Microsoft Retail media. It offers the most complete retail advertising solution using advanced generative AI. This creates new opportunities for retailers, advertisers, and consumers. With the Retail Media Creative Studio, businesses can use Microsoft’s expertise and AI technology to create banners that meet their specific goals.


In marketing, there’s a big push to do more with less. Keeping up with new platforms, ad formats, and privacy rules can be tough. LinkedIn’s media planning can help by making campaigns more effective and efficient. Marketers can use it to plan audiences, platforms, channels, and budgets strategically, getting the most out of their investment.

Apart from media planning, LinkedIn offers a variety of tools to help you create, manage, and optimize your campaigns. One of them was Lookalike audiences. With Lookalike audiences you were able to reach new audiences with similar characteristics to your existing valuable customers. Since February 2024, it has been discontinued but in the place of Lookalike audiences, LinkedIn recommends using:

  • Predictive Audiences: target users similar to your existing customer base, website visitors, or even people who interacted with your Lead Gen Forms
  • Audience Expansion: broaden your reach by targeting users who share similar characteristics with your existing Matched Audiences or those who fit your LinkedIn attribute targeting 


Images and videos are highly effective tools for engaging with content. Recognizing this trend and aiming to assist advertisers in leveraging it, Meta is rolling out a new attribution setting called Engaged-view. This feature enables advertisers to track conversions that occur within one day of a video ad being viewed.

new attribution setting called Engaged-view

Apart from introducing new settings, Meta is introducing more ways to reach customers. These ways are:

  • New engaging video options for product storytelling in Advantage+ catalog ads
  • new ways to drive sales through Reminder ads, highlighting promotions and ads with product tags
  • taking advantage of Meta’s AI-powered solutions to quickly create content, develop deeper customer relationships and increase sales

Meta is actively working to enhance advertiser performance, and they’ve now extended access to the Advantage detailed targeting product across all campaign objectives and optimizations. Advantage detailed targeting, a component of Meta’s Advantage product suite, utilizes advanced automation and machine learning to enhance the effectiveness of advertiser campaigns.

Paid advertising data insights 2024 (January-March)

Dave Chaffey of Smart Insights just released a valuable resource: an updated summary of ad click-through rates (CTRs) in the US, Europe, and globally. This data can help you:

  • to see how your click-through rates stack up against the industry average in different regions
  • to use CTR data to estimate the potential reach of your advertising campaigns based on budget
  • to set achievable goals for your ad campaigns based on typical click-through rates
Summary of CTR in US and Europe

Kendra Barnett of thedrum wrote an article on the latest quarterly earnings which were reported by five major tech companies: Microsoft, Apple, Amazon, Meta, and Alphabet. Overall, the financial results suggest that the tech sector remains largely robust.

Peter Adams, a senior reporter in Marketing Dive talks about data-driven marketing investments in 2024. Reports find that:

  • U.S. spending on marketing and advertising will grow 10.7% this year to reach $570 billion
  • The growth rate is more than double what was seen in 2023
  • Amid the death of the cookie, marketers will run experiments with alternatives like first-party identity solutions, resulting in a boom for the data-driven marketing segment
  • Obsessions with generative artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) will be another theme

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