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Welcome to this week’s PPC News recap! Continous audience sharing in your Google Ads manager account, Understanding ROAS, Using the Google Tag Manager template gallery, Achieve Google Ads optimization score to 100% and more.


Easily share remarketing lists across your manager and sub-accounts – Google Ads now enables continuous audience sharing in your manager accounts to make it easier to quickly share your audience lists.


Do You Really Want a 100% Google Ads Optimization Score? – In this informative blog post, Pauline Jakober helps to know the results of applying Google’s recommendation to achieve Google Ads optimization score to 100% in one of her client’s account.


Introduction to Google Ads Scripts – If you are new to using Google Ads scripts and would like to get started with it, learn from three examples mentioned in this brief blog post.


Four Simple Steps for Retargeting on Instagram – Retargeting ad campaigns are an extremely useful tool for getting through the mass of posts to reach those who are actually interested in what a company is offering. Ronald Dod helps to know four simple steps, sellers must keep in mind when retargeting on Instagram.


Using the Google Tag Manager Template Gallery – Google Tag Manager has an extensive collection of built-in tag templates. In this article, Tim Jensen explains the way to access the community template gallery and how you can add a template to your account.


Vast majority of Amazon advertisers plan to spend more on ads again this year – Ginny Marvin shares the prediction as per the last survey of Amazon advertisers in 2018 that Eighty-one percent of current Amazon advertisers plan to increase their ad spend on the platform in the coming year.


What is ROAS? How to Maximize your Return on Ad Spend – An informative article by Brad Smith to make advertisers understand ROAS and how can they determine it?


Stop phrase and broad match modifier keywords from unnecessarily spending on close variants with this script – A Google Ads script by Daniel Gilbert to stop spending your precious budget on close variants to phrase and BMM keyword types.


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